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PCB Piezotronics Relocates Manufacturing to Halifax, NC

PCB Piezotronics of North Carolina, a designer and manufacturer of high-precision sensors used in a variety of test and measurement and industrial settings, will invest nearly $4.5 million to consolidate production operations currently located in China and California and move them to its facility in Halifax County, North Carolina. The project is expected to create 120 jobs.

PCB Piezotronics (, a wholly owned subsidiary of MTS Systems Corporation, designs and builds test and measurement and industrial sensors that measure vibration, shock, pressure, and other dynamic forces.

PCB Piezotronics recently acquired the Endevco division of Meggitt PLC, which designs and manufactures products similar to those that PCB makes. Endevco currently produces these products in Xaimen, China and Irvine, California. PCB Piezotronics’s new project expands its current facility in Halifax County in order to bring these production lines to North Carolina.

“One of the best business decisions that I have ever made was the decision to begin operations in Halifax, North Carolina in 2004, when we had to decide between expanding in our original home of New York State or expanding elsewhere,” said David T. Hore, president of PCB Piezotronics. “I have great confidence that our current Halifax workforce of 215 hardworking and dedicated employees will lead this integration in the same exceptional manner as they perform, day in and day out, for PCB.”

“North Carolina offers manufacturers a business location that stacks up with top sites around the world,” said North Carolina Commerce Secretary Anthony M. Copeland. “Major manufacturers like PCB Piezotronics have many choices when seeking a place to do business. This decision confirms once again that our state provides the right ingredients for success.”

The North Carolina Department of Commerce and the Economic Development Partnership of N.C. led the state’s support for the company’s decision.

“Rural North Carolina is a great fit for companies to build out their operations,” said Governor Roy Cooper. “Our workers understand modern manufacturing and, along with their communities, they are ready to grow with companies like PCB Piezotronics in Halifax County.”

The company’s expansion project in North Carolina will be facilitated, in part, by a Job Development Investment Grant approved by the state’s Economic Investment Committee [in September]. Over the course of the 10-year term of this grant, the project is estimated to grow the state’s economy by nearly $151 million.

Partnering with the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the EDPNC on this project were the North Carolina Community College System, Halifax County, and the Halifax County Economic Development Commission.

Republished with permission of Halcyon Business Publications, Inc. An earlier version of this report appeared on Area Development Online:

This technical information has been contributed by
PCB Piezotronics

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