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Shop Spotlight: PENCOM

PENCOM is a global manufacturer and solver of design challenges its customers have presented to it since its founding in 1982.

Today PENCOM manufactures in Hayward, California, Nogales, Mexico and in Dongguan, China, as well as operating local logistics centers in North America, South America, Central America, Europe and Asia, according to its website.

Through its facilities and 400 employees, PENCOM manufactures globally and locally supplies its custom design products, as well as a full inventory of captive screws, standoffs, press in sheet metal fasteners and inserts for plastics. "26 Locations, 10 Countries; 4 Continents."

PENCOM is a precision machining, turning, milling and high-volume production manufacturing firm that is ISO 9001-2008 certified as well as AS 9100C certified for aerospace, defense and aviation manufacturing. Among its specialties is design engineering and lean inventory management.

"Today PENCOM supplies a complete range of standard and custom mechanical hardware," PENCOM said on its website. "By offering a complete line of mechanical components, PENCOM provides a "One Stop Solution," to manufacturing locations."

PENCOM also provides thermal solutions and heat sinks of various designs, frequently with PENCOM's engineers cooperating on the customer's designer.

"Our thermal engineers assist designers in developing a thermal solution for each application. When required, thermal modeling software is used to validate the design solution," PENCOM said.

PENCOM entered the field of inventory management in 2005 when it purchased Visible Inventory, giving PENCOM the ability to manage a client's inventory remotely to the point of inventory replenishment, if required. The system uses wireless sensors on site at a customer's facility, that not only monitor inventory, but can track existing inventory stages from "Exceeds Maximum," through "OK" to "Replenish" and finally "Critical."

Based on the customer's needs, the system can send a request for more inventory to suppliers via E-mail. A goal of this Visible Inventory system is to keep inventory at a satisfactory level without holding too much inventory or too little. It uses "lean" inventory management principles, so management knows what the inventory is in real time, compare forecast usage to real usage, run a full range of reports and to identify dead material.

"Visible Inventory will constant monitor inventory, eliminating the requirement to manually inspect each part location. SuppliLinkTM will determine when a part has reached a replenishment limit and notify, via email, the supplier. The guess work of a traditional VMI program has been eliminated," the website said.

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