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Large Dimension PZT Blocks Designed for Special SONAR Applications


FAIRFIELD, N.J.—In a major breakthrough for the technical ceramics industry, Morgan Advanced Materials, with U.S. and international locations, is manufacturing what company representatives are calling the world's thickest piezoelectric ceramic blocks.

The blocks, designed for use in ultra-low frequency SONAR applications down to 18KHz, are made of high-quality, soft (Navy II) lead zirconate titanate—Morgan's own proprietary formulation, known as PZT5A1. The blocks offer high-quality electrical characteristics, are of high sintered density, and come in a choice of nine, highly sensitive 'soft' PZT formulations. They are suitable for the manufacture of wide bandwidth 1-3 composite transducers.

The most striking feature of Morgan's new PZT ceramic blocks is their size, and in particular their thickness, reaching a current maximum of 48mm. Various combinations of length and width are available on request. The ability to manufacture and polarize such large thicknesses of piezoelectric materials sets Morgan apart from its competitors and represents a step change in the industry, according to company representatives.

"Our philosophy is to push the boundaries in the manufacture of large piezoelectric components and to support the next generation of ultra-low frequency, high resolution SONAR equipment," commented Frédéric Pimparel, technical manager - piezoelectric components at Morgan Advanced Materials, in a press release. "I do not know of any other company that is producing piezoelectric components to such demanding thickness specifications." Large dimension PZT blocks are suited to a range of high-integrity applications, such as side scan SONAR, sub bottom profilers, and transducers for surveying systems. The "soft" PZT from which they are made, provides excellent sensitivity and permittivity, making it suitable for use in sensing applications requiring a wide bandwidth.

Because of the cutting-edge pressing and firing techniques employed during manufacture, Morgan's large PZT block offers a uniform consistency of electro-mechanical properties throughout each component, and can be ground and lapped to precise limits. The large PZT block is available in block form or as diced and filled with specially formulated epoxies for use in 1-3 composites, with a range of metallization treatments also available.

The Technical Ceramics business of Morgan Advanced Materials ( designs and manufactures advanced ceramic components from a portfolio of cutting edge materials. The company offers a wide range of advanced ceramic and glass materials, in-depth materials expertise, and extensive applications experience in diverse markets.

This technical information has been contributed by
Morgan Technical Ceramics

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