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Pexco Celebrates American Manufacturing by Opening Extrusion Center of Excellence

Pexco LLC, a specialty profile extrusion and custom plastics manufacturer, opened a new Extrusion and Engineering Center of Excellence at its Morrisville, Pa., facility. The center offers design, engineering, and consultation services for companies that require custom extruded products or components. Photo courtesy of Pexco.

ALPHARETTA, Ga.– Pexco LLC, a North American specialty plastics developer and manufacturer, marked Manufacturing Day last fall by opening its Extrusion and Engineering Center of Excellence (ECOE) at the company's Philadelphia-area facility.

"Too often it is said that 'we don't make things anymore' or 'manufacturing jobs have all gone overseas,' said Pexco CEO Neil Shillingford, in a company release. "That's not true, and the Extrusion Center of Excellence is proof. This center exists to support the dynamic industrial plastics market all across North America and American manufacturing in particular."

The center offers engineering consultation and design services for companies that require custom-extruded products or components. It is focused on the industrial market, including the lighting, filtration, and traffic safety sectors, as well as customers in other fields that require specialized plastic extrusions or custom-engineered parts.

To demonstrate its commitment to skilled American manufacturing and its Philadelphia operation, Pexco announced a multi-year investment in the Bucks County Technical High School in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, in support of its Manufacturing Academy program. The school targets vocational education and career readiness for students and adults in manufacturing and other disciplines. The pairing between businesses and education not only facilitates community relations, but also benefits American manufacturing and the development of the next generation of skilled workers necessary to compete in the global economy.

"We are more than happy to make this investment and sponsor skilled development of manufacturing talent that will benefit both our business and the local community," added Shillingford.

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