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PBC Tech Readies PowerWRAPPER for Commercial Launch

Company announces manufacturing agreement, new U.S. Patent

TROY, N.Y.–PBC Tech, a developer of innovative supercapacitor–based energy storage and battery enhancement technologies, has announced a manufacturing partnership agreement with KLA–Tencor in preparation for the commercial launch of its PowerWRAPPER ultrathin supercapacitor. PBC Tech also announced that it has received a U.S. Patent (No.: 9,831,533) relating to the architecture of the PowerWRAPPER product line.

PowerWRAPPER is an ultrathin supercapacitor with a design that enables the 5V product line to fit into spaces where other energy sources cannot, while delivering peak power and new functionality not possible in today's wireless devices with small, aging batteries, the company said in a press release. The conformable supercapacitor can be wrapped around components to provide improved performance in mobile phones, wearables, and IoT applications.

PBCTech's new patent, valid through 2037, adds to the company's growing patent portfolio, which covers proprietary electrode materials, specific applications for use of an ultrathin supercapacitor, and architecture and design for the PowerWRAPPER technology. Ten other patent applications are reported to be pending.

KLA–Tencor Corporation, a company that has deep engineering expertise in building high–precision, production–scale equipment, has signed on as PBC Tech's manufacturing partner for PowerWRAPPER. The first scalable production equipment built by KLA–Tencor as part of this agreement is currently under validation testing. Separately, KLA–Tencor's corporate venture group has made a strategic capital investment in PBC Tech.

"Our partnership with KLA–Tencor is a major milestone for PBC Tech and its customers," said Shreefal Mehta, chief executive officer of PBC Tech, in a statement. "The equipment KLA–Tencor is building will demonstrate the readiness of PowerWRAPPER to be scaled and manufactured at production levels in the millions of units/day as required by the leading electronics companies that have shown interest in PowerWRAPPER. KLA–Tencor's strategic investment will enable us to grow our existing customer base and prepare for higher volume sales of our PowerRESPONDER, a UL–certified, hybrid–supercapacitor product line. With KLA–Tencor, we are now ready to scale up, deliver, and disrupt the battery power management world in mobile electronics."

PBC Tech ( launched PowerRESPONDER in 2017, and said that the product is currently qualified by "industry leading OEM customers in cloud computing and medical applications."

This technical information has been contributed by
PBC Tech

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