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SIFCO Earns NADCAP Metallic Materials Manufacturing Accreditation

CLEVELAND–SIFCO Industries, Inc., has obtained the Nadcap Metallic Materials Manufacturing certification (MMM). The company reported in February that last December, its Cleveland location became the first U.S.. forging manufacturer to obtain the certification.

The scope of the audit undertaken to obtain the certification included forging equipment and processes to ensure consistency of manufacture. Other processes that were audited were billet cutting, preparation, and heating, as well as post-forging operations. With mandates on the horizon from aerospace industry leaders, SIFCO said that it proactively obtained the accreditation to ensure alignment with customers' supplier quality requirements.

This certification provides confirmation of SIFCO's continued efforts at technical excellence and ability to manage varying customer expectations within a robust and stable quality system. It brings confidence to customers that SIFCO's forging processes are standardized and aligned with stringent aerospace and defense specifications.

SIFCO ( provides forged and machined parts for aerospace and energy applications that include airframe, landing gear, and engine components. Its global foot print includes components on most major military and commercial programs, the company said in a press release. Materials forged by SIFCO include: nickel, super alloys, titanium, aluminum, and alloy and stainless steels. Die forgings produced range from one pound to 1,200 pounds. In addition to Nadcap, the company is AS9100 and ISO9001 approved.

SIFCO continues to maintain Nadcap certifications in heat treating, chemical processing, and non-destructive testing.

SIFCO first received Nadcap aerospace accreditation in March 2003 for non-destructive testing, followed by accreditation for heat treating in December of the same year, and chemical processing accreditation in January 2006.

This technical information has been contributed by
SIFCO Industries

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