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Sekisui Plastics USA Expands U.S. Manufacturing


Company Announces $5.2 Million Manufacturing Expansion to Serve Growing Customer Base

MOUNT PLEASANT, Tenn.— Citing increased customer demand for its products in the Midwest region of the U.S., Sekisui Plastics USA, Inc., (SPUS) announced recently that it has chosen Kenton, Ohio as the location for its new $5.2 million manufacturing facility. Scheduled to come online in July 2015, the plant will initially produce foam products molded mainly from Piocelan® hybrid moldable foam resin, for use in automotive parts, baby seat core parts, and other industrial markets, such as protective packaging.

“Since opening our first U.S. manufacturing plant in Tennessee in 2007, we have experienced tremendous growth, in South/Central U.S., and we are anticipating similar growth in the Northern Midwest,” said Thomas Pontiff, vice president of SPUS. “Locating our new plant in Kenton, Ohio gives us both the increased molding capacity we need for our expanding customer base plus closer proximity to both our current and targeted OEM customers who require just in time (JIT) delivery.”

When completed, the 120,000 square foot facility will house manufacturing and office space, including tooling design, manufacturing and repair, product prototyping, technical service, and customer service.

“With a molding capacity for 20-40 metric tons per month, which we expect to increase to 100 metric tons in the near future, we will initially mold products designed for automotive energy absorption and safety, automotive light-weighting, and automotive sound absorption,” explained Pontiff in a press release. “We will also produce packaging products for complex automotive parts for transport, as well as consumer and industrial protective packaging.”

Looking to the future, Pontiff said the company has plans to expand the facility to produce the actual raw material used to mold its various products, as well as for other manufacturing capabilities to support new markets. The site will also be used to warehouse other products imported for sale within the Americas.

The Kenton facility is projected to eventually provide up to 50 area jobs. “One of the characteristics we looked for in our original search for a geographic location was a small community with a good, stable workforce, and one that has ready access to shipment via highway and rail,” said Pontiff. “Kenton offered everything we needed, plus the locale and state have offered tremendous support, enabling an easy decision to locate here.”

Sekisui Plastics USA, Inc. ( is a diversified supplier and manufacturer of a range of products based on various plastics technologies. In the Americas, Sekisui Plastics produces and molds Piocelan® hybrid moldable foam resin. Products designed and molded include: automotive parts for safety, energy absorption, and light-weighting; parts and cushions used in child safety seats, packaging of consumer electronics, and packaging for transport of automotive and other parts.

In addition, the company also manufactures and sells Techpolymer® polymer micro-beads used in cosmetics, lighting, and coating fields, and ST Gel® hydrogel used in various medical, industrial, and cosmetics applications.

This technical information has been contributed by
Sekisui Plastics USA

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