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Molex Ventures to Collaborate with Elenion to Accelerate Innovation in Silicon Photonics

The companies are eyeing an explosive market for hyperscale bandwidth with silicon photonic-based interconnects

LISLE, Ill.– Molex Ventures has announced a strategic investment and collaboration between the Molex Optical Solutions Group (OSG) and Elenion Technologies, LLC (Elenion), a semiconductor company focused on driving innovation around silicon photonics technology, to jointly develop, manufacture, and promote silicon photonic-based products. Leveraging CMOS and high-volume manufacturing processes, the companies will collaborate to develop advanced interconnects that scale to 400Gbps and beyond.

"High-speed silicon photonic-based technologies represent a cost-disruptive solution to bandwidth scalability needs in hyperscale data centers in the high-growth optoelectronics sector," said Lily Yeung, vice president, Molex Ventures, in a company release. "This investment and collaboration combines Elenion's key strength in advanced silicon photonics core technology, with Molex core capabilities in complex product integration, efficient manufacturing, and global sales and marketing, and provides the most advanced and compelling product solutions to our customers."

Elenion ( designs systems-on-a-chip for high-bandwidth communication and networking applications. Headquartered in New York, the company boasts multi-disciplinary expertise in silicon photonics, lasers, electronics, and advanced packaging.

"Collaborating with Molex will significantly accelerate production and deployments of our silicon photonic technology serving global customers that demand an ever-increasing pace of innovation for high-speed optical communication solutions," said Larry Schwerin, CEO, Elenion Technologies, in the release. "We now have a great alliance to fulfill our vision to be an industry leader in driving silicon photonics for a broad range of applications in high bandwidth data networks."

Molex Ventures, LLC (, a subsidiary of Molex Electronic Technologies, LLC, identifies companies, startups, and technologies aligned with emerging and expanding markets for Molex products. The company seeks to bring early stage technologies from concept to commercialization to market expansion.

This technical information has been contributed by
Molex Ventures

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