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Spirit AeroSystems Creates New 5-axis Fabrication Center of Excellence

WICHITA, Kan.–Spirit AeroSystems (SPR) recently announced the creation of a new center of excellence to manufacture complex commercial and military aircraft parts. The new center, located on the company's headquarters campus in Wichita, Kansas, will include new five-axis machines to manufacture complex aluminum and titanium parts.

Spirit, already one of the world's largest fabricators of aerospace parts, has invested more than $30 million in the new five-axis center of excellence in Wichita, which now includes 120 different machine tools.

"We continue to invest in fabrication capabilities, and these expansions will help us better compete globally and remain leaders in the industry," said Spirit Senior Vice President of Operations Ron Rabe, in a press release. "The new center of excellence offers significant capabilities to meet our current and future customer needs with better quality and improved turn time."

The new five-axis center of excellence will use the latest high-speed technology to specialize in large, complex parts for fuselage, pylon, and wing structures. The center is expected to be fully operational later this year.

"We also have capacity and capability to support chemical processing and finishing of machined parts," said Alan Young, Spirit's vice president of fabrication, in the release. "We have developed significant capability over many decades, and now we can provide that expertise to customers around the world."

Chemical processing of component parts completes the manufacturing process and ensures proper coating on part surfaces to protect against corrosion. Chemical processing at Spirit includes cleaning, penetrant inspection, anodizing, priming, and top-coat painting, with various colors available to support customer requirements.

Spirit's fabrication capability spans more than 2.6 million square feet and produces more than 38,000 parts daily, the company reported.

Spirit AeroSystems ( designs and builds aerostructures–including fuselages, pylons, nacelles, and wing components–for both commercial and defense customers. With headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, Spirit operates sites in the U.S., U.K., France, and Malaysia.

This technical information has been contributed by
Spirit AeroSystems

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