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Spring-Energized Seals Designed for High-performance Aerospace Applications


EL SEGUNDO, Calif.--CoorsTek, a major manufacturer of technical ceramics and a producer of high-performance polymer seals, components, and engineering materials, recently introduced its newly redesigned MetaPlast II spring-energized seals. The redesigned seal, dubbed MetaPlast II, is said to offer several performance enhancements that are especially useful in the high-vibration environments found on newer aircraft, such as the F-35/JSF and various other Unmanned Combat Airborne Vehicle (UCAV) programs currently in development.

According to the manufacturer, the MetaPlast II seal offers a more resilient, fatigue-resistant spring with improved spring travel characteristics, translating to improved performance in critical-duty applications. It is a redesign of CoorsTek's MetaPlast seal, used in a broad range of applications ranging from valves, pumps, and other fluid-handling products to critical-duty hydraulic seals for the aviation industry. The original MetaPlast seal is found on "almost every commercial and military aircraft flying the world today," according to the company.

"The original MetaPlast is one of the most successful and reliable seal designs for an extremely broad range of applications," said John Seubert, director of sales for the plastic seals division of CoorsTek, in a written statement. "The MetaPlast II takes a great idea and makes it better. It has all the advantages of the original MetaPlast with several enhancements. The Metaplast II also compensates for much greater side-load conditions and will not take a permanent set."

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This technical information has been contributed by
CoorsTek, Inc.

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