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AI-Driven Visual Inspection Software Is Reported to Minimize Defects, Reduce Costs for Manufacturers

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–Spyglass Connected Solutions, Inc., an AI and industrial IoT (IIoT) software company, recently released Spyglass Visual Inspection software. Spyglass Visual Inspection harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, IIoT, and computer image recognition to help manufacturers improve product quality while significantly reducing the costs associated with defects, the company reported.

Spyglass Visual Inspection is described as rapid time-to-value, quality assurance (QA) optimization software for manufacturers of any scale. Powered by Microsoft Azure, it was created to help manufacturers to quickly and accurately detect manufacturing defects so that action can be taken to reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction. It is also intended to aid manufacturers in driving continuous quality improvement by enabling greater visibility of product quality across multiple lines or facilities, so that manufacturers can proactively improve processes; in using predictive analytics to improve quality processes and perform root cause analysis; and in implementing and ramping up quickly to ensure a rapid return on investment.

Spyglass Visual Inspection is also said to help manufacturers extend the value of existing industrial vision systems in which they have already made investments. Spyglass Visual Inspection uses AI to augment those systems, providing greater precision in defect detection and classification.

“With the launch of Spyglass Visual Inspection, manufacturers can use a lean approach to implementing AI and IIoT technologies so that they can control costs and gain value at every stage,” said Philip Morris, CEO and Co-founder of Spyglass, in a prepared statement. “We believe in the value of starting small, thinking big, and going fast as the path to achieving the most significant return.

“We are excited to launch Spyglass Visual Inspection, in partnership with Microsoft and our customers, to ensure that manufacturers of all sizes can intelligently minimize defects and reduce costs,” he continued. “Our foundational customer, a global glass manufacturer, will achieve over $1 million dollars in quarterly savings with Spyglass Visual Inspection and Microsoft Azure. That’s a significant impact to the bottom line.”

Spyglass ( was launched in 2018 by the leadership team at Mariner, a 20-year Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Partner. The company said that it is “rooted in data and the power of data to help manufacturers gain more insights and make better decisions.”

This technical information has been contributed by
Spyglass Connected Solutions

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