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Stamped Receiver Coils Reported to Boost Efficiency of Wireless Charging

Receiver Coils

MOUNTAINSIDE, N.J.— Today, manufacturers of handheld devices face a number of challenges, from minimizing cost to reducing device temperature while charging, when integrating wireless chargers into their devices. One company with an eye toward solving these challenges is A.K. Stamping Company (AKS), a manufacturer of precision metal stampings that has parlayed key design and manufacturing assets to produce what the company calls “one of the world’s most efficient wireless charging receiver coils.”

Besides greater charging efficiency, the benefits of the stamped coils are reported to include reduced cost and thickness for numerous applications. The company says that its receiver coils offer the highest metal density of any comparable charging coil, a distinction that AKS attributes to its advanced manufacturing technology.

While AKS’s patent-pending bifilar coil design keeps the assembly thickness down to 0.3mm, including shield, the charging coils also offer low resistance to help reduce device temperatures while charging. In addition, a highly scalable manufacturing process enables AKS to offer wireless charging coils at a price point that minimizes BOM cost impact, and production yields are said to benefit greatly from consistent inductance and resistance.

The low resistance charging coils meet the higher requirements of mobile device manufacturers for faster charging in smartphones, tablets, and other devices, the company says. Designers also have the flexibility to combine multiple standards, such as Qi and AirFuel (A4WP / PMA), into one assembly for true multimode interoperability.

According to AKS, its receiver coils and their unique technology reflect the company’s long-standing commitment to innovation. Specializing in customizable precision metal stampings, AKS plays an active role in the expanding wireless charging infrastructure as a component supplier to industry leaders and through memberships in the Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) and AirFuel (formerly A4WP Rezence / PMA). Markets served by the company include the electronics, defense, and medical industries.
This technical information has been contributed by
A.K. Stamping Company

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