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Stanley Engineered Fastening to Exhibit at CES 2016

Electronics Engineered Standards Program focuses on reducing electronic product design time, manufacturing cost, and time to market

DANBURY, Conn.—Stanley Engineered Fastening will have its design and engineering experts on hand at CES® 2016 to show electronics product manufacturers how they can cut manufacturing cost and reduce design time for micro-mechanical assembly components by “40-plus percent,” the company announced in a pre-show release.

An annual consumer technology tradeshow and conference, CES is scheduled for January 6-9, 2016, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Representatives of Stanley Engineered Fastening will be available at the Convention Center’s South Hall 2 – MP25650.

Although fasteners typically cost less than 0.25 percent of an electronic product’s bill of materials (BoM), they can dramatically affect the total cost of component design, prototyping, and assembly their impact on scrap, sub-assembly rework, field returns, manufacturing yields, and assembly speed. The downstream effects of sub-optimized joints are even more significant, as they affect customer satisfaction, perception of quality, and customer retention, as well as market share and volume.

To help electronics manufacturers optimize all of these areas, more than 40 of Stanley’s experts in electronic fastener design will discuss how the company’s Electronics Engineered Standards Program can cut electronic product design, prototyping, and manufacturing cost, as well as time to market, resulting in greater market share and more profitable growth. In addition, electronics product manufacturers will have access to design professionals from the company’s Global Electronics group—specialists in micro-mechanical fastening for consumer electronics devices, equipment, and infrastructure. Experts will also be available from the company’s automotive group, which specializes in electronic sensor, control unit, wire assembly, and new 48V technology architecture vehicle attachment.

Additional specialists from View Technologies will discuss “smart factory” solutions for products within the Internet of Things (IoT), wherein physical goods and operations are amenable to real-time, item-level visibility and tracking using passive RFID technology.

Stanley’s Electronics Engineered Standards Program includes an e-catalog that provides access to Preferred Performance Designs™ for micro-mechanical components, helping to reduce prototyping timeframes, enabling use of engineering talent for innovation, and ensuring that first-time-right designs will drive market share growth, the company says.

The e-catalog provides 24-hour, real-time access to design guides and best practices, as well as 3D models, 2D drawings, and animations, and is designed specifically for today’s modern electronics device form factors. It includes nearly 300 components, which address miniature and micro-mechanical applications, including cold-formed fasteners, rivets, inserts, press nuts, and standoffs. The e-catalog also covers precision CNC, cosmetic finishes, performance coatings, and micro-stampings, as well as tools and automation systems.

The Electronics Engineered Standards Program is also said to help to optimize electronics assemblies for high first-time manufacturing yields and total cost savings, with rapid prototyping and extensive testing services available. An online “Try it, Test it, Customize it” portal engages a global applications engineering team to customize designs, request samples, and secure rapid prototypes and test support.

At CES, Stanley will give away daily prizes, including MLB tickets, signed FC Barcelona and Liverpool shirts, and a grand prize—an Engineered Standards Lab kit, valued at $5,000—to a recognized electronics company design lab. The company will also display a Wounded Warrior signature wall, where attendees who donate will pick a free gift from one of Stanley’s CribMaster industrial product vending machines.

Stanley Engineered Fastening is a Stanley Black & Decker company.

This technical information has been contributed by
Stanley Engineered Fastening

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