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Sun Glo Plating Company Is Offering Chromic Acid Anodizing Services

Chromic Acid Anodizing

CLEARWATER, Fla.– Sun Glo Plating Company. is now offering chromic acid anodizing services.

Dave Brackenhamer, director of business development and spokesperson for Sun-Glo Plating Co., explained that chromic acid anodizing offers an exceptional thin corrosion-resistant coating that ranges in thickness from 0.00005 inch to 0.0002 inch. It is known as Type I anodizing.

“This process is less corrosive than Type II, making it safer to use on critical components where acid could perhaps become lodged in a seam or weld that could then compromise the integrity of the finished product,” Brackenhamer said in a press release. “Chromic acid anodize appears much grayer in color, and being a thinner coating absorbs less dye. This limits the chromic anodize as a decorative finish.”

Some benefits of Type I anodizing services are that it doesn’t conduct electricity, it provides improved adhesion with no dimensional change, and can be dyed black.

Brackenhamer said Sun Glo Plating ( has more than 32 years of experience providing expert advice for both small and industrial sized clients. In addition to that, its team brings decades of experience in delivering a quality product for its clients.

“This is the go-to for many components that are used in the aerospace industry, precision machining, or parts that undergo a lot of flexing,” Brackenhamer said. “It also provides for higher fatigue resistance over other anodizing processes. In contrast, though, it can tend to be softer and less porous than Type II and Type III.”

This technical information has been contributed by
Sun Glo Plating

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