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Shop Spotlight: Tube Service Co.

This Marvel 2125 automatic feed bandsaw at Tube Service Co. takes pieces up to 25 feet long and can put a 60-degree miter on it.

Tube Service Co. ( pretty much says it all in its name.

Service is what it provides with its tubing products, on time and at a competitive price, according to its website, where it tells readers, "service," is its middle name.

Through the company's three laser processing centers, Tube Service Co. takes the toil out of punching, drilling, sawing and what elsewhere might be called the "time-consuming" deburring process.

"With these machines, we can furnish you finished parts with any profile in a wide range of sizes with laser tight tolerance," Tube Service Co. says on its website.

In its third decade, Tube Service Co.; serves customers throughout the west with company locations in Phoenix, Arizona; Aurora, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; and three locations in California: Milpitas, El Cajon and Santa Fe Springs.

Tube Service Co.
Tube Service Co. is a manufacturer's go-to source for quality aluminum tubing and shapes, for stainless steel tubing and shapes and for carbon tubing and shapes.

The company's three "state of the art" tube laser processing centers specialize in cutting stainless, aluminum and carbon tubular shapes. Tube Service Co. stores thousands of tube profiles, making it a "just-in-time" supplier of materials for lean customers.

"Tube Service distributes a full array of ferrous and nonferrous tubular products, laser tube processing, cutting to length tube processing, and marketing seamless and drawn over mandrel tubing (aluminum, stainless, carbon and alloy) to meet the exacting needs of its customers," Tube Service Co. said on its website. Any customer interested in any dimension need only visit the Technical Data menu on the company's homepage to find the company's selection of tubing. It is exhaustive. For example, stainless tubing is available in at the least hundreds of varieties, and stainless pipe is also available in hundreds of varieties with the selections expanded by choices in type, wall dimensions, weight per foot, and other options.

Among its products are aluminum tubing and shapes, aluminum pipe, stainless tubing and shapes, alloy tubing and shapes, carbon tubing and shapes, stainless pipe, and carbon pipe,

Tube Service earned the ISO 9001: 2008 certification that, "supports our effort to provide error free services and defect free products to our customers," Tube Service said on its website. "Tube Service maintains unmatched inventories ready for your Just in Time Delivery."

laser cutter
Here a laser cutter at Tube Service Co. cuts tube to customer specifications.

Among the company's variety of manufacturing equipment, Tube Service Co. operates a TruLaser Tube 7000, a TruLaser Tube 5000, a Marvel 2125 Vertical 2125 Band Saw, and a Spartan PA18/2PC Horizontal Band Saw. Tube Service stores its tubing on a computerized rack system that cuts retrieval time in half. The dual system includes two side by side racks that are 135 feet long by 32-feet high with a pick-up lift that runs between the racks. The system can hold up to 12 million pounds of tubing in 4,000 different sizes up to 25 feet long.

"With our quick lead times and deliveries, you'll never be left waiting for the parts you need," Tube Service said on its website.

This technical information has been contributed by
Tube Service Co.

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