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New Patch Cord Offers High-Density Installation, Improved Airflow, Manufacturer Says

The ClearFit Slim™ patch cord from Unirise USA is reported to help users dramatically improve airflow over their critical IT equipment. PRWeb photo/Unirise USA.

Unirise USA releases ClearFit Slim™ patch cord

IRVINE, Calif.—Unirise USA, a manufacturer of structured cabling products that include power cords and data cables, has announced the release of its new ClearFit Slim™ patch cord. According to a release from Unirise USA, the ClearFit Slim patch cord offers high-density installation by using 50 percent less space in pathways, permitting improved energy efficiency, airflow, and clean installation.

The smaller, 28AWG cable is said to improve flexibility and has a tighter bend radius. The ClearFit Slim patch cord is available in standard lengths up to 100 feet and in standard industry colors, and is made with Clearfit®, which the manufacturer calls “a unique clear, easy-release, snagless retainer clip design.” All ClearFit Slim patch cords are maintained by a limited lifetime warranty.

“ClearFit Slim will enable end users to dramatically improve the airflow over their critical IT equipment, prolonging the life of that equipment and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in replacement costs—all from one little cable,” said Amanda Garcia, national director of channel sales, in the release from Unirise.

Unirise USA (, based in Irvine, California, is a manufacturer of data center-rated power cords and networking cables. The company is also a certified Sony Green partner and a member of the IKEA IWAY Program.

This technical information has been contributed by
Unirise USA

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