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Universal Plastics Group Purchases Blow Molder Premium Plastics Solutions

Pennsylvania firm becomes the fourth member of the Universal Plastics Group

HOLYOKE, Mass.–The Universal Plastics Group, of Holyoke, Massachusetts, purchased Premium Plastic Solutions, a blow molding company based in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, in December 2017, the company announced earlier this year.

Premium Plastic Solutions (PPS) is the fourth member of the Universal Plastics Group (UPG), joining custom thermoformers Universal Plastics ( and Mayfield Plastics (, and large-part injection molder Sajar Plastics ( It was the second company acquired by the Group in 2017, following the addition of Sajar Plastics in June.

"The Universal Plastics Group of companies is extremely excited by the addition of Premium Plastic Solutions," said Jay Kumar, president and owner of the UPG family of companies, in a press release. "PPS brings a deep understanding and a long history of blow molding to UPG. It rounds out our capabilities in important ways, adding to the thermoforming and injection molding skills. With this acquisition, our goal is to meet every need of a prospective user of large molded plastic parts through a UPG company."

Kumar went on to say that UPG is creating "a unique capability to serve multiple industries needing large, complex, and attractive parts."

"We now include the molding technologies appropriate for nearly any volume level, from prototyping to high volume injection and blow molding, making us an attractive place for our customers to do 'one stop shopping,'" he continued. "I intend to invest in continuing the growth of PPS alongside the other Universal Plastics Group companies."

Premium Plastics Solutions ( is a custom blow molder with product capabilities from concept design to manufacturing in a range of industries, including medical, garden and lawn equipment, waste management, safety equipment, recreational equipment, and potable water bottles. Premium Plastics Solutions is ISO9001 registered.

All members of the PPS staff will continue in their current roles.

Universal Plastics Group represents a family of plastics manufacturing companies specializing in a range of processes, including injection molding, gas assist molding, heavy gauge thermoforming, blow molding, and structural foam molding. Its current companies have expertise in large, complex, and highly aesthetic parts with manufacturing volumes of 50-50,000 parts per year, the company said in the release.

Mr. Kumar said the proximity of PPS to Sajar Plastics in eastern Ohio allows UPG to complement the PPS team with key leadership and technical staff from Sajar Plastics. Larry Nowak, president and CEO of Sajar Plastics, will assume similar responsibilities for PPS.

Nowak noted that after spending a considerable amount of time at PPS earlier this year, he is "extremely pleased with the quality of the key PPS team leaders, the dedication, energy, and skill of the PPS team members throughout the organization, and the quality and service they provide to their customers."

Premium Plastic Solutions' ( deep expertise, experience, and strong resume in large-part blow molding complements the custom thermoforming and large part injection molding capabilities of Universal Plastics Group and further expands the offering so that UPG can be a supplier of choice for many OEM customers, UPG said in the release.

This technical information has been contributed by
Universal Plastics Group

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