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Software Partnership Enhances Search-Based Application with Visualization Technology

CAD/CAM Software

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--A technology partnership recently forged between Actify Inc., and the vdR Group incorporates a subset of Actify's SpinFire visualization offerings into vdR's Partrieve v5.0 product, allowing the search-based business application (SBA) to provide access to CAD data without the need for expensive CAD software. Actify is a provider of product data collaboration software; the vdR Group is a software development company that focuses on designing and developing integration technologies for manufacturing and engineering environments.

Actify's SpinFire technology enables users to access numerous 3D and 2D CAD file formats without the overhead of expensive CAD softwares. The SpinFire products are said to transform the data of native CAD files into Actify's compact, lightweight 3D format that can be easily reused for viewing, measuring, markup, and other interrogative functions. As a result of the vdR partnership, every instance of Partrieve will include a version of SpinFire Publisher and, depending on the customers' needs, the support for any of several major CAD formats.

"Our products are designed to meet a variety of needs and use models," said David Opsahl, CEO of Actify, in a company statement. "Our customers, like many other companies, are always looking for ways to streamline the collaboration process. Partrieve v5.0, with the integration of our SpinFire technology, allows companies to solve their collaboration needs by providing users immediate access to information scattered across the enterprise, including 3D and 2D data."

Companies often have multiple databases with disparate information in numerous data formats that span the enterprise. While all of the information is relevant, it's not always easily accessible. Partrieve reportedly allows users to search for and access the product data trapped in these information silos, independent of language, source, format, or unit of measure.

"Embedding the SpinFire viewing technology in Partrieve allows us to extend our capabilities to users that need to access 3D and 2D data without having to load an instance of a CAD solution," said Martin van der Roest, president and CEO of vdR. "We knew that integrating a powerful visualization solution into Partrieve would give added value to our users, and the SpinFire technology did not disappoint."

Partrieve is sold via Tata Technologies. Actify ( products are sold through authorized distributors and value added resellers in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

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