Company Claims Development of Thinnest Air-Cooled Heat Sink

Heat Sinks

LAS VEGAS--Novel Concepts, Inc. announced in May that it has developed and has patents pending for what the company calls "the world's thinnest forced convection (fan cooled) heat sink." Reportedly thinner than a credit card, the low-profile ThinSinkTM is said to have "a volumetric cooling efficiency 25 times greater than today's best microprocessor heat sinks." According to the company, it is capable of cooling 25 times more heat per cubic centimeter.

Developed to fit inside small electronic devices such as notebooks, monitors, and tablets, ThinSink provides efficient cooling of integrated circuits, semiconductors, LEDs, and other microelectronic heat-generating devices. Its smooth fan surface requires very little electrical power: A credit card-sized ThinSink (85mm by 55mm by 0.75mm), using a 40mm diameter smooth fan spinning at 6,000 RPM, is reported to consume only 0.031 watts of electricity (up to 2 days on a AAA battery) (click for chart).

Even with its low power consumption, the same credit card-sized ThinSink is said to exhibit thermal performance of 2.73 degrees Centigrade per watt at a fan speed of 6,000 RPM, the company says. ThinSink is extremely quiet, due to a thin, smooth fan surface that eliminates the pulsating sound and vibration caused by traditional fan blades. At 6,000 RPM, the credit card-sized ThinSink has a sound output less than 34 dBA (quieter than a soft whisper at one meter distance), according to its developer.

Because ThinSink is thin and flat, it's also very lightweight. An aluminum credit card-sized ThinSink weighs only 13.8 grams, including motor, and occupies just 4.5 cubic centimeters of space. It may also be very cost-effective, its developer says. Excluding the motor, ThinSink has only two thin flat parts, which can be stamped or molded from metal or plastic.

Novel Concepts ( develops, designs, and optimizes thermal management technologies. With a core focus on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) integrated with proprietary computer shape optimization, the company claims to have uniquely solved some of the industry's most difficult thermal challenges. Using high speed servers, Novel Concepts can quickly explore a large solution space, allowing for greater design flexibility, while improving the chances of finding those "unique patentable solutions" necessary for today's competitive environment.

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