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Airtronics Earns Welding Certifications, Adds New Laser to Robotic Fleet

Airtronics Metal Products obtains license to build light- and medium-duty utility trailers

Robotic Laser SAN JOSE, Calif.--Airtronics Metal Products (AMP), a sheet metal design, engineering and precision manufacturing company, has earned qualification and certification to weld per American Welding Society (AWS) and military standard (MIL-SPEC), the company recently announced. The certifications verify the company's Quality Management System as being applicable to the welding of steel, aluminum, sheet steel, and stainless steel, and are said to represent a major milestone on the company's path to expanding into the aerospace market.

Airtronics was audited by Lockheed Martin at the request of a current customer that contracts with the U.S. defense giant. "We passed the audit and became an 'Approved' Third Tier Supplier, which now enables us to manufacture and weld Lockheed parts," said Jeff Burke, president and CEO of Airtronics.

The Certified Welder Program sets the standard for welders to properly adhere to the National Welding Procedure Specifications. These standards define welding procedures with processes that examine and document a welder's capability to create welds of acceptable quality and repeatability. Structural steel weldments are tested at an accredited facility where an AWS, NDT Certified Welding Inspector inspects welds.

"To promote consistency, efficiency, and quality in Value Added Manufacturing, we are committed to providing products manufactured under a quality system where processes have been assessed and certified by a third party registrar," said Bud Rogers, director of engineering at Airtronics. "We expect our entire workforce to deliver the highest quality products, and becoming AWS and MIL-SPEC certified attests to our commitment to provide parts and components that consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements."

Airtronics's Quality Management System applies to all areas of its business. In addition to becoming a certified supplier of welded parts, the company is ISO 13485:2003 certified for the medical device industry. The company also recently started its certification process for AS9001, a quality management standard specifically written for the aerospace industry.

In a separate release earlier this year, Airtronics announced the addition of a new Amada Gemini FO MII 3015 Laser to its robotic fleet. Said to represent "the next generation of high-production lasers" and to be the first system of its kind available in the U.S., the 4000 watt, dual processing laser machine is engineered to include an innovative Rotary Index that facilitates easy change-over from flat sheet to tube or pipe cutting. Located on one of three shuttle pallets, the Rotary Index provides the power and speed to efficiently cut thick materials.

"We are always striving to make our processes better, faster, and more competitive," said Jeff Burke, president and CEO of Airtronics, in a statement. "We needed a laser system that could achieve rapid changeover from sheet to tube with minimal effort and cost. Seemingly able to process round, square, rectangle, C-channel, and angle iron, Amada's FO MII proved to be the most versatile Rotary Index laser cutting system available."

The Rotary Index is an integrated unit, allowing the cutting head to be positioned near the chuck and minimizing the dead zone. Bowed pipe or tubing can now be cut without vibration while maintaining accuracy from end to end. The innovative design expands process range capabilities to cut a significantly wider variety of tubing and pipe.

The FO MII 3015 has a table capacity of 61 inches by 121 inches. Some of the key features include a controllable pneumatic chuck and aluminum roller, automatic switching for tube length up to 236 inches (6000mm). Productivity is further enhanced with the use of CAD software. Many common shapes and configurations are already pre-programmed, making it very easy to fabricate tubular structures that fit together for welding.

Airtronics Metal Products, Inc. ( is a full-service precision sheet metal products company that serves a variety of industries, including semiconductor, medical, networking, food processing, architectural, and consumer electronics. Founded in 1960, Airtronics provides standard and custom engineering, design, production, and value-added manufacturing services using the latest in MCAD tools, CNC production equipment, and paperless ERP manufacturing systems at its 100,000-square-foot facility in San Jose.

This technical informaion has been contributed by
Airtronics Metal Products

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