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Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing Acquires Assets of Ultracast

Precision Cast Components

Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing recently announced that it has acquired the assets of Enfield, Connecticut-based Ultracast LLC, a manufacturer of precision cast components and a division of worldwide specialty manufacturing company Sanders Industries. The acquisition will enable Armstrong, a manufacturer of close tolerance metal and plastic components for industries ranging from medical to aerospace, to enhance its offerings to customers by significantly boosting its capacity and expanding its range of capabilities, according to the company.

"Even though Ultracast [used] the same metal casting process that we do, every company has their own techniques and equipment and ways of doing things," said Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing Director of Marketing, Paul Armstrong, in an interview. "And we're finding that they (Ultracast) had a lot of capability and tricks of the trade that will be helpful to us to push the limits of what we're able to do, and maybe give us some efficiencies so that we can provide a lower-cost product to our customers. We're basically taking our best know-how and combining it with their best know-how and coming up with something better than we were doing individually."

Ultracast has provided rapid prototyping and low-volume production aluminum castings for OEMs since 1984. Over the years, its ability to quickly turn a client's engineering design into a prototype or low-volume production has been a key benefit to clients in the medical, aviation, aerospace, electronics, military, and automotive industries.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ultracast will close its operation in Enfield, Conn., and Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing will move machinery and equipment from the facility to its multi-plant headquarters in East Syracuse, New York. The two companies will be working together closely to ensure a smooth transition, said Armstrong, adding that Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing "will be bringing in Ultracast's 'book of business' and a few of their key employees." These employees are acting as consultants to help speed the transition and will likely move to Syracuse to work at Armstrong's facility on a long-term basis, he said.

Ultracast's equipment is expected to be fully moved by mid-May and will be up and running at the Syracuse facility by early June, Armstrong projected. Although most of the equipment is similar to what Armstrong is already using, Ultracast will be coming with some high-level CNC equipment that will enhance efficiencies and capabilities, he added.

"Since we have similar processes and similar equipment, we will be able to seamlessly provide machined castings to Ultracast's customers so that there is an uninterrupted flow of product, based on Armstrong Mold's acquiring all of the tooling and possessions of Ultracast," Armstrong said.

Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing (, founded by John and Betty Armstrong in 1968, is a family owned business that has long blended old world values, craftsmanship, and technology. Today, the company has 150 employees and a state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in East Syracuse, N.Y., where it specializes in the production of metal and plastic parts in prototype and low-volume production quantities. The company prides itself on providing outstanding customer service, quality control, and adherence to deadline driven production.

Known for its high-tolerance casting, molding, and machining capabilities, Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing offers a full complement of services that include design for manufacturability (DFM), rapid prototyping and engineering, rapid tooling, and finishing and assembly. Metal parts manufacturing processes offered by the company range from rubber plaster molding (RPM)—also known as plaster mold casting—to graphite mold die casting, precision airset sand casting, one-shot casting, and CNC machining. Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing's capabilities for producing plastic parts include reaction injection molding (RIM), rapid injection molding, and CNC machining.

Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing's ability to provide a variety of precision casting and molding processes under one roof has enabled the company to establish a niche in the production of prototype and short run metal and plastic parts, as well as sub-assemblies and complete assemblies, for an array of demanding markets. The company's current customer base includes companies in the medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, homeland security, and telecommunications industries. Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing also serves developers of emerging technologies and clients that manufacture consumer products, business machines, industrial goods, and power tools.

For more information, contact Paul Armstrong at (315) 437-1517; email:

This technical information has been contributed by
Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing

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