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Biocompatible, High Strength Plastic Introduced for Direct Digital Manufacturing

Direct Digital Manufacturing

Uses Include Medical, Food, and Pharmaceutical Equipment Prototyping or Production

MINNEAPOLIS--Stratasys recently announced the availability of ABS-M30i, a new biocompatible material for use with its FDM 400mcTM prototyping and production system. Prototyping and production applications for ABS-M30i are expected to include surgical instruments, food processing and packaging systems, and pharmaceutical handling, processing, and packaging applications. The material, which is FDA-compatible and meets ISO 10993 standards, may be sterilized using either the gamma radiation or ethylene oxide (EtO) method, the company says.

In addition to being biocompatible, ABS-M30i reportedly provides substantial improvements over standard Stratasys ABS across a number of mechanical properties, including tensile strength, impact strength, and flexural strength. Its mechanical properties for strength are said to be up to 67 percent higher than standard Stratasys ABS. Bonding strength between layers is more than doubled, expanding capabilities for functional testing or manufacturing production parts, according to the company.

"ABS-M30i opens up a variety of direct digital manufacturing possibilities for medical device and food and pharmaceutical companies interested in developing sterile, biocompatible parts in-house," said Patrick Robb, Stratasys FDM product manager, in a statement issued by the company. "It gives users flexibility in choosing the best material to meet their needs."

In addition to manufacturing additive fabrication machines for prototyping and direct digital manufacturing, Stratasys offers prototype and part manufacturing services. The company patented and owns the rapid prototyping process known as fused deposition modeling (FDM®).

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This technical information has been contributed by
Stratasys, Inc.

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