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Blanchard (Rotary Surface) Grinding

Blanchard (Rotary Surface) Grinding

Blanchard Grinding, technically referred to as Rotary Surface Grinding, quickly removes stock from one side of a part...typically a part too large to be Double-Disc Ground. Parts as large as 48" x 84" or 60" x 72" can be Blanchard Ground. Dimensional tolerances to .001", parallelism to .001", and flatness to .001" are achievable on Blanchard Grinders. Using significantly greater horsepower than other grinding methods, Blanchard Grinding removes large amounts of stock quickly and efficiently.

Ideal for large parts such as rotary tables, mold plates, and vacuum chambers, Blanchard Grinding adds size versatility, eliminates mis-matches, and speeds turnaround time on large parts when compared to flycutting. This method provides a considerable time savings over surface grinding as well.

Premachining costs and turnaround time can be reduced by simultaneously Blanchard Grinding multiple parts. Multiple part grinding, along with cutting a large, Blanchard Ground blank into smaller parts, provides uniform part-to-part thickness tolerances and surface finishes at a lower unit cost.

Aluminum Fineblankings
BrassMold Sets
CopperFabricated Assemblies
TitaniumTapered Configurations
Other Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals

Advantages of Blanchard Grinding:


This technical information has been contributed by
TCI Precision Metals

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