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New Ceramic Membranes Help Businesses Increase Sustainability

Ceramic Membranes

FAIRFIELD, N.J.—Water scarcity is a major global issue that has increased demand for businesses to conserve water and enact more sustainable processes. Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC), a major manufacturer of ceramic components, is responding to this demand by developing new ceramic membranes that can help industrial operations to be more environmentally responsible and efficient. The reliability of the ceramic membranes—used for water filtration and purification in industrial wastewater treatment processes—enables businesses to reduce maintenance and energy usage while reaping the associated cost savings, according to the company.

Polymer or ceramic tubular membranes have traditionally been used to clean and conserve water in industrial wastewater applications. However, polymer systems need replacing regularly, especially if not tailored to the application, and ceramic tubular membranes need high water flow rates to operate effectively.

According to MTC, the new porous ceramic disc membranes have many benefits compared to polymer substrates. The ceramic is robust and gives high performance where high temperatures and aggressive cleaning chemicals are prevalent. They can withstand the harsh environments found in wastewater treatments and, as a result, they are long-lasting and do not need replacing as often as plastic alternatives.

Also, the new ceramic disc membranes do not need a high water flow rate that is required for current ceramic tubular membranes. Therefore, businesses can save energy and costs by pumping water at lower flow rates.

Morgan Technical Ceramics ( can manufacture components with highly complex geometries and tight tolerances; its ceramic membranes are just 20 microns in thickness (around 1/5th of the diameter of a human hair). The porous ceramic membrane systems are said to be ideal for use in ultrafiltration applications that collect bacteria and purify industrial wastewater, allowing it to be reused in the plant or safely discharged into the environment.

"Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in businesses and the environmental benefits of water filtration are well recognized," said Paul Manison, business manager, Morgan Technical Ceramics, in a statement. "At Morgan Technical Ceramics, we work closely with our customers to understand industry demands so we can design and develop high quality products to meet specific needs. I'm delighted our new water filtration membranes will help businesses to operate more efficiently, save money, and conserve water."

Morgan Technical Ceramics manufactures components and sub-assemblies using an extensive range of materials, including structural and piezoelectric ceramics, dielectrics, braze alloys, and specialist coatings. The company works with manufacturers' design and R&D teams at the local, national, and international levels on projects from concept and feasibility studies through prototype development to full production.

This technical information has been contributed by
Morgan Technical Ceramics

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