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New Design Guide Introduced for Thick-Film Ceramic Substrates

Electronic Components

Includes Updated Laser Machining Standards and New Materials

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.--CoorsTek, a large manufacturer of technical ceramics and a long-time provider of electronic components, recently released the latest version of its design guide for thick-film ceramic substrates. The guide, the first significant update in several years, is said to offer electronics engineers the latest design guidelines for standard thick-film and laser machined ceramic substrates. Two separate design specifications, one for laser machining and the other for thick-film ceramic substrates, have been combined into one completely updated and comprehensive guide.

New features are reported to include smaller hole and slot sizes (down to 0.003-inch [0.0762 mm]), additional substrate thickness offerings (up to 0.140-inch [3.556 mm]), laser pulse depth and spacing tolerances, and special edge treatments (SilkEdgeTM finish and SmoothEdgeTM finish). Other new features include additional materials (DuraStrateTM substrates, MidFilm® substrates, and economy grade substrates), comprehensive material properties charts, and easier-to-understand camber design specifications.

"We took a number of extra steps to ensure this guide would be thoroughly useful to the electronics engineer," states Andrew Golike, technical product manager for CoorsTek. "It's designed to ease the specification process for our customers--especially for new and developing electronics markets."

CoorsTek supplies critical components and complete assemblies for high-tech applications in the electronics, medical, automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, energy, and telecommunications industries, among others.

To download the latest design guidelines for thick film and lasered thick film substrates, log on to

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This technical information has been contributed by
CoorsTek, Inc.

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