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Chromium Coatings/Platings

Chromium Coating

Pure chromium metal provides high light reflection and accepts a high polish. In the pure state it is ductile; the introduction of impurities can result in embrittlement. Due to its high light reflection property and corrosion resistance, chromium is heavily used in plating applications. Depending on the process, chromium plating can be expensive and difficult.

Chromium plating is a multi-step reduction accomplished by the electrolytic reduction of dichromate in a sulfuric acid solution. Due to microscopic flaws, chromium plating is used with copper and nickel substrates to protect the item being plated. There are some 100 different types of chrome on the market. Chromium is also used in applications where high hardness values are required. Plated on polished metals, chromium affords a smooth surface that suits it to decorative or wear-resistant applications. Deposits can be as thin as 0.00002" for decorative applications or up to 0.050" thick in heavy wear uses. Among the types of chromium alloys used for high hardness and wear resistance applications is 1% molybdenum with chromium.

Chromized Steel is produced by coating steel with chromium through a diffusion process. Deposited chromium combines with iron, which is different than plating. Less chromium penetration is obtained on high-carbon steel but the coating is harder.

Armoloy NTDC (Nodular Thin Dense Chrome) is a hard surfacing technique applied by a rigidly controlled proprietary process. The chromium coating provides a protective finish that is extremely hard, highly dense, and precisely applied with the accuracy and uniformity to eliminate secondary operations. Armoloy NTDC delivers unequaled protection against Wear and Corrosion plus increases performance and life span with Reduced Friction and Eliminates Galling. Armoloy NTDC has superior adherence and uniformity to most base metals. Armoloy NTDC can withstand the toughest environments of heat and cold with no chipping, cracking or separation from the base material. Armoloy NTDC is a satiny matte finish that is non-reflective which makes it a perfect choice for almost any application.

The micro-modular finish of Armoloy TDC creates point-to-point contact areas that reduce surface contact and friction. For increased lubricity without galling, products treated with this coating can be used in applications that involve sliding, turning or moving. Metals that can be coated are tool steels, cold/hot rolled steel, bearing grade steels, cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, Inconel, beryllium, copper and brass. Applications include nuclear components, valves, guides, pistons, gears, splines and machine tool components.

Inconel is a registered trademark of Inco Alloys International, Inc.

This technical information has been contributed by
Armoloy of Connecticut, Inc.

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