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Collaborative Business Model is Key to Manufacture of Award-Winning Consumer Electronics Product

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The new iOstand, which won big at the 2013 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, is being manufactured by the Chirch Global Manufacturing® Network, a collaborative business model of best-in- class manufacturers that "puts innovation and quality first" while offering a one-stop shop for customers looking for a single source for projects, representatives said.

The iOstand, which won "Best of CES" and the top innovation award, is made for tablets and e-readers and is slim, sleek, and made of stainless steel with a powder coat in black or white. It uses a magnet to hold the device in place and allows for 360 degree rotation with quick mounting and unmounting capability. While the device is simple, the components made by the Chirch Global network are complex.

"Having a lot of these components working together to provide the end result makes this a complicated project as well," said customer relations representative for Chirch Global, Jeremy Hahn, in a written statement. "The main concerns with these parts were how cosmetic they were, as each unit has to be in perfect condition when it reaches the end customer."

The product is designed and sold by iOmountsTM, which also sells the iOmni stand for smart phones and the iOwall for tablets, smart phones, and even artwork. Chirch Global produces components for all of these products, and interest in iOmount technology is "growing exponentially," Hahn said, adding that new markets are opening up in education and hospitality.

Chirch Global manufactures a majority of the components for the iOstand and anticipates manufacturing all of them in the near future, he said. Four network companies are involved in the production of iOmount components, but once all of the components are brought over to Chirch Global, about seven companies will be involved in production.

Chirch Global's ability to provide a single source for the product was crucial to its selection as a production supplier. "When we were originally approached, our customer was unable to find a single supplier across the United States that could handle all of these components," Hahn said. "Our customer greatly appreciates the one-stop shop that we provide them, as it allows them to write a single purchase order. We organize and manufacture everything and make sure lead times are held tight. And we follow quality from start to end. It also gives us greater visibility of the supply chain, so we can make sure there are enough components to keep manufacturing running smoothly. In addition to these benefits, there are also savings in shipping costs by having us manufacture everything in one spot."

The Chirch Global Manufacturing Network is a unique collaboration of 14 manufacturing and engineering companies focused on providing local and global companies with single source product development and production. Composed of small-to-medium sized, privately-owned manufacturing and engineering businesses, the alliance consists of nearly 1,400 employees, approximately 1,000,000 square feet of factory/warehouse space, and annual revenues of more than $225 million. In 2012, Chirch Global Manufacturing was named a Manufacturing Leadership 100 Award winner in the Global Value Chain category by Manufacturing Executive, producer of the Manufacturing Leadership Summit and ML100 Awards program, for the development of its collaborative business model.

The Chirch Global Manufacturing Network can work in one of two ways, Hahn said. Primarily, it acts as a single source provider for projects requiring multiple manufacturers. "This allows us to help organize and manage all aspects of the supply chain and it makes for a cost-effective solution," he said. Secondly, it can also provide single components if that is the only aspect required on a project. "If that is the case, we can put the customer in direct contact with the Network company who would be manufacturing the component, and they can take it from there."

This technical information has been contributed by
Chirch Global Manufacturing® Network

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