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Direct Metal Laser-Sintering System Enables Quick Delivery of Metal Parts

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NOVI, Mich., and HUDSON, N.H.--EOS of North America Inc., recently announced that Vaupell Rapid Solutions has selected the EOSINT M 270 Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS) system for the production of tooling inserts, prototype parts, and end products directly in metal.

Vaupell Rapid Solutions, a division of Vaupell Molding and Tooling, Inc., is a major American rapid prototyping and manufacturing service bureau. The company collaborates with clients to meet their rapid prototyping, product design, tooling, and manufacturing challenges. EOS of North America Inc., is a division of EOS GmbH, a manufacturer of laser-sintering systems.

The EOSINT M 270 DMLS system produces metal parts from a variety of materials, including bronze-based alloys, a cobalt-chrome superalloy, titanium Ti64, and maraging and stainless steels. Typical applications include tooling, engineered products, and medical implants.

The system uses a focused, 200W ytterbium Alloy-fiber laser to melt metal powder, which fuses into a solid part. It builds parts layer by layer, often with less post- processing than traditional CNC machining, and it operates fully automatically and completely unattended.

"The M 270 will allow many of our customers to more quickly evaluate functional prototypes in actual or close-to-actual end materials, and in design configurations and time frames not possible with any other established process," says Steve Ettelson, general manager, Vaupell Rapid Solutions. "We put the M 270 in our machining department instead of our rapid prototyping department because we view DMLS as very complementary to machining."

Metal parts made with the M 270 are reported to offer high accuracy and detail resolution, good surface quality, and excellent mechanical properties. The M 270 can also produce complex mold geometries, such as integrated conformal cooling channels, that are not possible in traditional toolmaking processes.

Vaupell is confident that the M 270 "will provide breakthrough capabilities in several areas," according to Ettelson. The company, which has significant experience in molding high-temperature thermoplastics, expects to significantly reduce its manufacturing cycle times with the conformal cooling possibilities offered by DMLS, he said.

"We are delighted that Vaupell Rapid Solutions selected our DMLS system to be a key component of their next-generation product design and fabrication services," says Jim Fendrick, EOS vice president for North America. "The M 270 empowers innovative companies like Vaupell Rapid Solutions to create completely new products for their clients."

Vaupell Rapid Solutions provides prototypes and models of new and innovative product designs for aerospace, defense, life science, and commercial OEMs. The ISO 9000 and 13485 registered company specializes in Stereolithography (SLA); Selective Laser Sintering (SLS); Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS); 3- to 5-axis machining; and casting of urethane, epoxy, silicone, and metals. These capabilities allow Vaupell to help its customers prove out their design concepts and carry out functional tests so that they can launch better products more quickly. Vaupell can provide prototype and short-run production of injection molded parts during start-up. Its parent company, Vaupell Molding and Tooling, offers production tools, fixtures, and parts for customers in its five facilities around the world.

EOS of North America Inc. sells, services, supports, and markets the entire EOS line of rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, and rapid manufacturing systems. This includes solutions for plastic laser-sintering as well as Direct Metal Laser-Sintering. Founded in 1989, EOS GmbH is a major manufacturer of laser-sintering systems.

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This technical information has been contributed by
Vaupell Rapid Solutions

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