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Designing and Manufacturing Electronic and PCB Assemblies

PCB - Printed Circuit Board

PCB Design

For your Printed Circuit Board design needs, look for a job shop with the staff and expertise to offer exceptional PCB Design services, with multiple production facilities to fulfill even the most demanding orders.

Make sure a highly trained engineering staff is available to help with every aspect of PCB Design, PCB Layout and PCB Assembly. Look for specialists with experience in printed circuit board, micro-controller hardware and software design and testing. Their support staff should include experienced project engineers, design engineers, test engineers, circuit board engineers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers. You should be able to naturally extend your internal staff by working with their experts to advance the PCB Design, Layout, Assembly, and Manufacturing processes.

PCB Layout

Look for a supplier with top notch equipment, ample production space, and an experienced staff of engineers to help you take PCB Layout to new heights.

Team structures ensure expert PCB Layout, quick turnarounds, accurate completion dates, as well as assistance and coordination of purchasing, design and manufacturing. They should provide engineers experienced in Build to Order, Just In Time (JIT), and Demand Pull, who understand the need to produce exceptional product in a timely manner.

PCB Assembly

You would like to be able to choose from various board build and PCB Assembly services. If you don't have the time or staff for product design, you should be able to rely on your supplier for turnkey services starting with design. Your source should be experienced in building the complete product, building the printed circuit boards (PCBs), testing, and managing the entire materials purchasing and inventory process, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Electronic Assembly and PCB Production Services

A quality supplier is a client-centric organization, focused on its customers' unique product and service needs, and integrates engineering excellence, manufacturing, supply chain management and quality assurance processes to meet those needs. With a thorough knowledge of customers and their requirements, teams develop tailored solutions in microprocessor and micro-controller hardware and software design and assembly.

Team members are assigned to every customer ensuring accurate completion dates on prototype, R&D or testing needs as well as providing assistance and coordination of purchasing, design and manufacturing through delivery of final product:

In short, the ideal supplier will provide multiple disciplines of engineers to guide every phase of PCB product design and manufacturing. You should be able to select from the range of services that most closely meet your needs:

This technical information has been contributed by
MEC Midwest, A Milwaukee Electronics Company

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