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Supplier Provides Engineered Components to Multiple Greentech Markets

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HARRISBURG, Pa.--Tyco Electronics has been building a solid presence in the wind power industry as a supplier of engineered electronic components ranging from cable assemblies and custom power resistors to contactors and motor connectors. But wind turbines aren't Tyco's only greentech market. In recent months, the company has been busy releasing components and assemblies for customers in the solar power generation and energy-efficient lighting industries as well.

In December, the firm introduced new LED light pipe assemblies that are reported to provide a convenient way to achieve accent lighting in commercial buildings, appliances, rail, motor vehicles, marine, and commercial aircraft applications. Available in low- and high-intensity LED versions, the system uses a linear LED light source and a proprietary large-core optical fiber to project light the length of the light pipe. An integrated reflector in the light pipe allows light to be directionally emitted along the pipe's length. The low-intensity light engine assembly includes a 0.5-watt LED and an integrated DC driver, and does not require any additional heat sink or forced air cooling, the company says.

The high-intensity light socket assemblies accept industry-standard, starboard-style 1- to 5-watt LEDs commercially available from a number of vendors in many colors. The assembly includes a heat sink to address the thermal issues of using high-power LEDs.

The light pipes, available in diameters of 5 mm and 10 mm and lengths up to 78 inches (2 meters), are made of optical-grade acrylic. Light pipe bracket slots allow the assembly's reflector strip to be oriented in four different positions for directional lighting flexibility.

Also last fall, Tyco Electronics unveiled its Micro SOLARLOK system, a compact interconnection system that offers a very low profile for solar applications. Designed for emerging, space-efficient thin-film and roof-shingle photovoltaic applications, the system consists of a miniature, low-profile junction box with integral leads. According to Tyco, the low, 9.3-mm height of the junction box saves considerable space in comparison to the 15- to 20-mm heights that are common in the industry.

The junction box, available with or without a built-in diode, is overmolded and allows customization to customer requirements. The leads are available in standard and custom lengths, and are terminated with well-established SOLARLOK connectors. Assemblies can be produced with photovoltaic cables in conductor sizes of 14 to 10 AWG for UL, or 2.5 to 6 mm2 for TÜV. Maximum current rating for the system is 10 A.

According to the manufacturer, the SOLARLOK family is a flexible system that provides easy and reliable interconnections from photovoltaic modules to the DC/AC converter. The entire system concept is based on cost-effective and reliable processing of individual interconnection system components to significantly reduce installation costs of the solar energy system, the company says.

For more information, contact Tyco Electronics' Product Information Center at 800-522-6752, or send an email to

This technical information has been contributed by
Tyco Electronics

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