Fabricating (Stainless Steel) and Machining (NC/CNC Precision)

The fabricating function involves building, forming, welding and assembly of structures with sections to 10 ft x 12 ft, narrow structures up to 150 ft long or 2000 sq ft display booths. Materials used are tube, bar, rod, plate and sheet stock made from stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, alloys and exotic metals.

A complete facility should include a CNC machine shop and a welding shop in addition to the fabrication capability, all under one roof. The combination of these functions gives the manufacturer control over the precision-machined components that become part of larger weldment assemblies. CNC machining capacity can be from 40"X / 20"Y / 20"Z to 80"X / 40"Y / 20"Z.

Tight tolerance MIG and TIG welding, vacuum leak detection and CAD/CAM design become important aspects of fabrication, machining and assembly. Equipment should include milling centers and a CNC vertical milling machine, lathes, TIG and MIG welders, plasma arc cutting machines, shears, brakes, presses, benders, forming rolls, bandsaws, sanders, grinders, polishers and finishers. Knowledge and implementation of effective quality methods and systems are of equal importance.

Fundamental to success in these operations is accuracy in pricing and delivery date, particularly on difficult weldments and fabrications. Early involvement of the supplier and customer in design and engineering stages is essential.

Frames, manifolds, bracket panels, flanges, clamps, tanks, housings, beams, structures, towers and displays are made for semiconductor, medical, telecommunication, electronic, marine, aerospace, construction and retail businesses.

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