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Indiana Company Bringing Product Manufacturing Back to America

FONTANET, Ind.— Green Leaf®, Inc., a manufacturer of liquid handling products located in Fontanet, Indiana, recently announced that a number of its products being produced in China will return to be manufactured in America.

Many factors aided in Green Leaf's return to domestic manufacturing, including increased energy and labor costs abroad, which are making America a cheaper place to manufacture goods.
"We estimate around 70 products currently being manufactured in China will return here, bringing the total products being manufactured in the U.S.A. to nearly 90%," stated Pete Goda, president of Green Leaf, in a press release. "We are particularly excited to expand our Gator Lock® cam lever couplings in various sizes, giving us more control over one of our leading product lines."

Gator Locks® feature a locking mechanism and interchangeability that are unique to the marketplace, according to company representatives. The spring mechanism provides enhanced safety that reduces the potential loss of chemicals, protecting the environment and reducing expenses associated with replacing spilled chemicals.

"Bringing our products back to domestic manufacturing will increase jobs at our company and will give us more control over the entire production process," according to Goda in a statement. "This will only improve the speed and accuracy of producing our top-quality proprietary components, and will allow us to pass the benefits of competitive pricing and distribution controls on to our customers."

In addition to celebrating the increased numbers of American-made Green Leaf products, the company is also commemorating its 35th year in business with the introduction of a new brand and website.
"Our goal for the new website is to improve access for our customers and distributors, to provide a resource that engages individuals wanting to reference products online and connect by emailing or calling us," Goda added. .

Green Leaf®, Inc. ( began manufacturing products for the agricultural industry in 1979 and has grown to specialize in designing and manufacturing injection molded nylon and polypropylene liquid handling products. The company utilizes fully automated robotics in its manufacturing, along with what company representatives say is "the latest equipment in product marking and special packaging."

This technical information has been contributed by
Green Leaf®, Inc.

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