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New Technology for Chip Substrates and High-Performance PCBs Introduced

Printed Circuit Boards

Reported to Reduce Need for Surface Bypass or Specialty Capacitors in High-performance Server and Telecom Applications

SAN JOSE, Calif.--SuperBCTM, a patent-pending technology recently introduced by Sanmina Corporation, is reported to deliver next-generation levels of performance for Buried Capacitance® applications for use in providing bypass capacitance inside silicon chip packages and high-performance PCBs. Sanmina Corporation, a global electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company and fabricator of high-performance printed circuit boards (PCBs), unveiled the technology at Apex 2008 in Las Vegas.

According to the company, SuperBC includes a layer of Sanmina's patent-pending eESDTM embedded electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection technology, which--if designed properly--reportedly can protect 100 percent of the I/O pins on a chip or PCB from voltage transients as high as 30K volts. Sanmina's PCB Division plans to collaborate with its joint development partner, San Jose, Calif.-based Shocking Technologies, and Oak-Mitsui, a BC licensee, to integrate XstaticTM voltage switchable dielectric (VSD) material with ultra-thin layers of nanopowder-loaded FaradflexTM material.

"SuperBC laminate will provide next-generation levels of capacitance density along with other enabling performance characteristics," said George Dudnikov, senior vice president and chief technology officer for Sanmina's PCB and Backplane Divisions, in a statement from the company. "The technology uses a base 1 or 2 mil BC core, onto which additional 8-micron or thinner high-Dk dielectric layers are added to form a composite capacitance core. Multiple dielectrics can be added to either boost bulk planar capacitance values or segregate the power distribution system (PDS) by different voltage levels or noise budgets. To date, we are producing SuperBC cores with 45 nanofarads per square inch of capacitance in an overall thickness of less than 6 mils. The result is 90 times the capacitance density of ZBC2000, the industry market-leading capacitance material, in a thinner construction than a standard 4-mil dielectric power ground layer."

SuperBC can also include a layer of eESD, which uses a thin continuous layer of Shocking Technologies Xstatic VSD material under a ground plane inside the PCB. The VSD material is programmed to switch from being a pure dielectric insulator to a pure electrical conductor, dissipate the ESD transient to ground, and then reset itself--all in less than a nanosecond. According to Sanmina, testing has shown that protection levels up to 30K volts are achievable.

"As processor frequencies and bandwidth requirements continue to increase, PDS designers are looking for more and more low-inductance capacitance for bypass," added Dudnikov. "SuperBC can be utilized in high-performance server and telecom applications, where it can significantly reduce, if not totally eliminate, the need for surface bypass or specialty capacitors. It will also be very enabling as a core for chip packaging substrates where higher levels of distributed capacitance can be placed very close to the silicon chip. With the addition of a layer of eESD, critical electrostatic discharge protection can be added to improve reliability of the electronic system."

Sanmina provides end-to-end manufacturing services to OEMs in numerous sectors, including communications; defense and aerospace; industrial and medical instrumentation; computing and storage; and automotive. For more information, visit

This technical information has been contributed by
Sanmina Corporation

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