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Long Life For Wear Parts

Metal Finishing - Chrome Plating

It's rare to come across a manufacturing process or method that offers the promise of multiple increases in productivity...then delivers even more!

Dozens of case histories are well documented showing component wear part life extended 3 times, 6 times, even 12 times when using a patented electrochemical process called Iosso Metal Process. Not really new, it was first discovered and patented some 20 years ago. Refinements and improvements have continued through the years such that today we are able to preselect the desired coating thickness, depth of base metal impregnation, and other characteristics for each application. The results are now repeatable to great accuracy, and processing costs are very reasonable.

Increased demand for higher quality, accelerated by these recessionary times, dictates a continuous search for available methods to provide products with longer life and with extra value-added benefits. Some processing systems become very attractive if they deliver unique properties at reasonable cost We take great pride in the fact that almost all of our business comes from repeat customers or word-of-mouth referrals.

The Basic Process

The basic Iosso Metal Process is comprised of many steps, each carefully and accurately controlled to provide the specific end results desired. It is a computer controlled chromium-based alloy coating process that, for component or production wear parts, can provide answers to virtually all the common wear part problems. It provides incredible adhesion, can impregnate some base metals by up to 0.000020", and it provides a very hard surface (up to 72Rc).

The thickness of deposit can be accurately controlled to provide critical tolerances (range from 0.000020" to 0.00050"), and the coating is absolutely uniform even over very complex shapes and deep cavities (no buildup on sharp edges or comers). It is crack-free, corrosion resistant and heat resistant. Moreover, its wear qualifies are virtually unmatched by any other coating or surface treatment.

Additional characteristics of the processed surface, which maybe important for certain applications, include nonmagnetic, static free, no hydrogen embrittlement of the base metals, and the fact that there is no alteration of the heat-treated hardness properties of the base metal.

Wide Size Range

The Iosso Process can be applied to items varying in size from an industrial knitting needle to a six-foot auger. Production wear parts can include shafts, rollers, cams, valves or valve parts, hydraulic spools, gears, knives, stirrer blades, and a vast variety of lock parts. The process coverage is perfectly uniform and the deposit is maintained to very close tolerances, even for very small gears and for the sharpest of blades.

Excellent applications of greatly extended life include wear part components of appliances, food processing equipment, drive system parts, automobiles, packaging machinery and plastic industry equipment.

Every Metal a Candidate

The wide range of Iosso Metal Processes can be bonded to all iron-based metals (the Iosso-FE process), all tool steel alloys, stainless steel, brass, bronze, beryllium, copper, zinc, stellite, tungsten carbide and powdered metals. The alloying properties provide a micro-crystalline, crack-free, non-porous metallic deposit which penetrates the base material and exhibits bonding qualities that cannot be broken. Often, it is the non-chipping, crack-free, antigalling characteristics alone that provide the benefits required to more than justify the part processing.

Usually, the results of processing component wear parts can be evaluated by simply processing a small quantity (10 to 20), then running accelerated fife tests. Turn-around time for test quantifies is usually within one week. Economical lot size is normally a function of the fixturing] required for maximum automation of the processing stages. Careful attention to final inspection (sometimes 100%) assures quality and accuracy. As mentioned earlier, repeat customers are the "heart' of our business.

Convert Zinc into "Hard Metal"

Expensive cast iron, brass or bronze parts, usually requiring extensive machining, can be replaced by low-cost zinc castings, transformed by a unique patented process into "hard metal" parts. The Iosso-Zn process unites with zinc metals forming a new alloy which is tough, hard and extremely wear-resistant. The proprietary case hardening method penetrates directly into zinc alloy surfaces (eliminating the copper bonding step usually required) to provide a hard outer "case," not simply a deposited surface coating. The result is a new diffused surface, which provides manufacturing engineers with a new concept for low-cost beating and wear component design.

New Process for Powdered Metal

A recent development is a specially modified process for powdered metal parts. It has already proven successful in greatly extending the life of component production parts such as gears, shafts, pulleys, cams, hubs, etc. Also, the processing of powdered metal tools and dies reduces compacting and ejecting pressures, thus increasing their service life.

This technical information has been contributed by
Iosso Metal Processes

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