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HOUSTON, Tex.--Uson recently introduced its new multi-range leak and flow tester, the Qualitek mR. A single-channel tester designed for high-volume industrial leak and flow testing applications, the Qualitek mR reportedly incorporates the latest advances in multi-range (mR) testing technology while providing high accuracy and dependability.

A highly configurable system, the Qualitek mR is the latest in generations of Qualitek leak testers. It is said to combine the best features of previous Qualitek products into one efficient and easy-to-use tester for the inspection of gas control valves, plastic reservoirs, faucets, automotive lamps and components, packaging, and many other applications.

"Qualitek mR's performance and versatility provide a valuable option of using the same testing platform for several techniques, saving time and effort by training personnel on one product," said Uson President Mike Ophield, in a statement.

Two transducer inputs allow the Qualitek mR to accept pressure decay, differential pressure, mass flow, and load cell transducers to equip operators with a wide range of testing options. The unit features a touch-screen color graphics display and easy-to-navigate PC-style menus, in combination with a rotary scroll and click navigation device. It also provides built-in pressure plots and statistics, data storage, compensation and calibration, and a pop-up soft keyboard to facilitate program editing. Comprehensive communication options, such as two USB ports, serial communications port, Ethernet, and expandable digital I/O, are available.

A NEMA 12-rated enclosure protects the Qualitek mR, which sits on a standard, adjustable stand that can be removed for machine mounting and integration if required.

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