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Mansfield Castings

Aluminum Casting: Versatility - Plus

Don't assemble it - cast it!

The casting process has long been recognized as a means of affording the designer the most economical means of producing aluminum parts of complex shape.

A lesser-known capability is that of providing a one-step assembly of parts. Two or more parts, even of different materials, can be combined into one cast configuration, with great cost saving over conventional machining and assembly normally used to accomplish this end. An example of this technique is the casting of sample inserts for lubrication.

Mansfield Castings has developed this technique to extraordinary levels for many of its OEM customers - including cast-in heating elements, longer-life bearing materials, pre-threaded components, etc. Control of pressure tightness can be maintained, just as with one-piece castings.

Essential to the production of useful cast assemblies are:

This technique is typical of the unique capabilities and services which Mansfield Castings brings to its customers. Please let us look at your application and work with you to save you time and dollars.

This technical information has been contributed by
Mansfield Castings

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