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Shop Spotlight: Master Magnetics

Master Magnetics of Castle Rock, Colorado, has 20 million magnets in stock, worldwide distribution, and 42 years of expertise at manufacturing industrial, commercial and consumer magnets to order. Those magnets may be used for lifting, holding, separating, and retrieving, among a thousand other uses, shapes and numerous materials.

For industrial uses, Master Magnetics ( offers work holding and welding magnets, material handling magnets, hook, hanger and clamp magnets, holding and retrieving magnets, magnetic bulk parts lifters, and many others. The firm offers magnetic tool holders, magnets sweepers, plate magnets, cow magnets, water treatment magnets, and separation magnets. It offers magnet latches and catches, retrieving batons with release, magnetic inventory labels, and lightweight pick-up magnets. The magnets are used in a wide range of industrial assemblies and devices.

The magnets are organized by uses, including lifting and holding; retrieving and pick-up; separating, organizing and specialty. Master Magnetics also makes magnets to order.

Earlier this year, Master Magnetics consolidated seven buildings with 85,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and headquarters space into one building of 99,000 square feet. The increased space will support anticipated growth while keeping the business in the town where it all started, the company said in April.

The new headquarters for Master Magnetics includes 84,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, and 15,000 square feet of office space. The move into the new location at 1211 Atchison Court, Castle Rock, CO 80109 was competed earlier this year.

"Customer service has always been our primary concern and combining all of our Colorado production, warehousing and shipping operations in one location will allow us to maintain our high level of service as we grow," said Jennifer Brown, Chief Operating Officer, in the April news release. Master Magnetics East, in Marietta, Ohio, with 20,000 square feet of production, warehousing and shipping space, provides cost-effective and efficient shipping for eastern North America.

"In addition to consolidating our Colorado operations, we are able to layout our warehouse and production areas for optimal efficiency and product flow," said Alex Onda, Supply Chain Manager for Master Magnetics.

Magnetic materials include permanent options, including ceramic and Alnico. Two other materials, neodymium, and samarium cobalt, are "extremely powerful, small size, rare earth magnets."

In addition to most industrial uses Master Magnetics also offers flexible magnets that are popular for point of purchase and sign design uses in retail outlets.

Its magnetic sheeting can be custom cut for vehicle and in-store sales promotions. The firm's point of purchase magnets include hooks and other magnets that allow people to position signs and other promotional items.

Master Magnetics' popular Pop N Catch magnet lets a person pop the top off a bottle of soda or beer and the metal frame catches the top because it's magnetized. "For use on refrigerators, outdoor grills, tailgates, RVs, toolboxes and more," the company said on its website. The item is made from heavy duty brushed stainless steel.

This technical information has been contributed by
Master Magnetics

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