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Shercon Rubber Group

Manufacturing OEM Molded Rubber Products

Rubber Molding

Manufacturing is where all the designing, testing, development and intensive QA procedures pay off. While each process varies based on product demands, the commitment to quality remains the same.


Ingredients are weighed and mixed in Banbury-style tilt mixers
Compounds are rested
Curing agents added
MDR, SG, hardness, tensile and elongation tests performed on every batch
Additional tests are performed based on your need: heat aging, compression set, ozone resistance, low temperature brittleness, staining, etc.


Preforms are either die-cut or extruded using Barwell-style preformers.


Automated vacuum molding presses
Multiple hydraulic core and plate handlers
Trims and inspections are performed right at the workstation

Secondary Operations

Die cuts are performed in-house under the same stringent controls as rest of manufacturing process
Rubber to metal bonding

Final Inspections & Packaging

In addition to workstation inspections, inspectors check products before packaging
Products packaged per your specifications (including bar coding, unique packaging specifications, etc.)

This technical information has been contributed by
Shercon Rubber Group

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