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Corrosion Resistance Makes Micro-Crystalline Anodic Coating Suitable for Medical Equipment


Benefits of Micralox® detailed at Nashville Design-2-Part Show

WOONSOCKET, R.I.--A micro-crystalline anodic coating licensed by Duralectra-CHN is reported to deliver excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance for applications such as reusable medical equipment. Duralectra-CHN, a subsidiary of Katahdin Industries and provider of advanced anodizing and metal finishing services, is the first North American Licensee of MICRALOX®, an RoHS compliant, micro-crystalline anodic coating that reportedly stands up to more than 6000 hours of salt water spray testing. The company exhibited the benefits of Micralox along with another offering, Sanford PrintTM, at the Design-2-Part Show in Nashville, Tennessee, has been growing momentum to change the specification for the type of anodic coatings used in reusable medical equipment, based on our demonstration of extended service life using Micralox®, even when high pH detergents are used," said David Dibiasio, head of sales and marketing at Duralectra-CHN, in a statement before the tradeshow. "We've received a strong response in the United States and in Europe, based on the ability of Micralox® to retain the same physical and mechanical properties of a conventional anodic hard coat, to keep the color and design flexibility of decorative anodizing, and to achieve a much higher chemical resistance that can withstand regular cleaning and sterilization without fading, discoloration, or corrosion.

"Our customers are very excited about micro-crystalline anodizing because it is RoHS compliant, and consistently proves its value for many medical manufacturers right now," Dibiasio continued. "There hasn't been much new technology for many years now, and we are receiving significant interest every day about Micralox® and how it can be used."

Also at the tradeshow, Duralectra-CHN introduced SANFORD PRINTTM, a unique printing application that embeds printing below the surface of the oxide. The combination of Micralox with Sanford Print, according to the company, is an excellent combination "for applications requiring a qualified coating and printing solution that meets the performance standards for manufacturing reusable medical devices made out of aluminum."

Duralectra-CHN ( provides a variety of manufacturing capabilities for markets focused on high-quality components. The company offers Type II and III anodizing and proprietary Sanford Process technologies, such as Quantum, Plus, Salvage, and Micralox®. Its markets include the medical, high technology engineering, military, and aerospace industries, among others.

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