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IoT Analytics Service Offers Insights for Connected Product Manufacturers

MONTREAL—The analytics company mnubo recently announced the public launch of its SmartObjects Analytics service - Maker Edition, reported to provide smart product manufacturers with “a ready-to-use platform” and insights on their connected product usage and performance. Available as a free trial, the service allows simplified data modeling, intuitive UI, and plug-and-play integrations, while offering actionable IoT insights for product makers, the company reported in a press release.

This service will enable IoT companies to benefit from the value of connected product analytics with minimal effort and resources, according to mnubo.

“Just as product managers of websites and mobile apps cannot ship without integrated analytics, manufacturers of connected ‘things’ must have access to product insights from day one,” stated Jean-Francois Martin, head of products at mnubo, in the release. “Understanding how products are being used, how they are performing, as well as analyzing customer adoption and engagement will be critical to the success of every company’s IoT strategy.”

Mnubo has served industrial IoT equipment manufacturers and established companies since 2013 with its Enterprise Edition. With its Maker Edition, mnubo will also cater to consumer IoT product companies and innovative startups.

Several IoT companies have onboarded using mnubo’s Maker Edition since its beta launch, including ReelyActive (smart spaces), Ubios (smart water damage prevention), DasBox (smart monitoring), and MySeat (smart office assets), according to mnubo. Time-to-market acceleration, immediate insights on product usage, and user engagement analysis are some of the instant benefits for these makers, the company reported.

“IoT startups need to focus on their core competency—building great products,” said Jeff Dungen, CEO of ReelyActive, in the release. “IoT is as much about insights as connecting products. Mnubo’s SmartObjects platform allowed us to stream sensor data and get powerful analytics within a few hours. In addition to using these valuable insights, we’ve now made the key outcomes one-click-accessible to all of our own clients.”

Mnubo ( is an IoT analytics company that offers software as a service (SaaS) to connected product manufacturers to ingest, enrich, and analyze their object data.

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