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Design Tool Helps Protect Ships, Buildings, Vehicles and Infrastructure from Threats

Software for Job Shops and Manufacturers

Stand-alone Version Allows Users to See Effects of Design Choices and "Build-in" Improved Defenses

MCLEAN, Va.--Alion Science and Technology recently announced that it has released a stand-alone version of MOTISSTM, a software application that helps designers of large structures, including ships and buildings, improve defenses against threats. MOTISS, which stands for Measure of Total Integrated System Survivability, has been used for several years by Alion engineers on numerous naval ships.

MOTISS helps designers build in resistance to a variety of threats, which can include fire, explosions, and other hazards, according to Vice Adm. Scott Fry (USN, Ret.), Alion's sector senior vice president and manager of the Engineering and Integration Solutions Sector. "Using MOTISS, engineers can design-in features that allow ships and structures to both limit the impact and recover more quickly from an incident," Fry explained.

Fry said the software has numerous applications, including ship design, heavy manufacturing, and the design of buildings, large facilities, and infrastructure. The stand-alone version is a response to customer requests. "While many Alion customers prefer our complete solutions, which include our expert services, there is a demand for a tool that can be used in-house so that data may be maintained by an organization's own technical team," he said. While Alion will continue to provide complete solutions that include the services of its experienced engineers, the stand-alone version of MOTISS will allow users to perform many critical functions of analysis and design.

Earlier this year, Alion announced that it had adapted its MOTISS solutions, which were originally used solely for ship design, for use on buildings and other infrastructure.

Alion Science and Technology (pronounced ah-LYE-un) is an employee-owned technology solutions company that delivers technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies, and commercial customers. Building on 70 years of R&D and engineering experience, Alion brings innovation and insight to multiple business areas: defense operations; modeling and simulation; wireless communication; industrial technology; chemical, biological, nuclear, and environmental sciences; information technology; and naval architecture and marine engineering.

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This technical information has been contributed by
Alion Science and Technology

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