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Custom Oil Coolers/Heat Exchangers

OEMs can take advantage of the technology and manufacturing expertise that go into producing oil coolers for the world's most demanding applications.

You can use our design engineers to resolve your heat transfer problems and be assured your oil coolers will be manufactured to meet the most rigorous specifications to ensure optimum performance for use in engines, transmissions, torque converters and brakes.

Caterpillar produces a variety of tube and shell liquid to liquid heat exchangers. In addition to a standard brazed version we offer the patented rubber end sheet design. Rubber end sheets offer proven performance and reliability with a life expectancy in excess of 20,000 hours in all environments. Customized computer design and testing by experienced engineers complete your cooling needs.

Caterpillar makes the latest product designs of brazed and rubber end sheet oil coolers. Rubber end sheets and non-metallic baffles extend oil cooler life by eliminating wear and shock from metal-to-metal contact.

Rubber end sheet advantages over conventional brazed cooler design:

Using Caterpillar's established processes and machinery which have proven reliable for years, oil coolers are made with technology and expertise seldom available to OEMs. Every unit produced is tested for leakage, correct flow and cooling capability to assure extended service life. Caterpillar's focussed facility was built specifically for the production of oil coolers.

Contact us today to find out how Caterpillar's technology can work for you.

This technical information has been contributed by
Caterpillar Industrial Products, Inc.

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