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Enhanced Oil Recovery Tools Will Be Made in U.S. Under New Engineering Agreement

Oil Recovery Tools

HOUSTON—Novas Energy USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Propell Technologies Group, Inc., has entered into an engineering, procurement, and construction agreement with a privately held engineering firm for the development and manufacturing of new plasma pulse, enhanced oil recovery tools to be made in the United States, the company reported recently.

Propell has paid the engineering firm $105,000 towards the initial $260,000 agreement, which includes the delivery of the first two prototype tools. The engineering design, fabrication, assembly, construction, inspection, testing, and delivery of the new plasma pulse tools will be done in the United States, and final delivery will come from facilities located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Novas Energy USA's current proprietary and patented plasma pulse technology tools are licensed from Novas Energy in Russia. The engineering firm is working with the Novas team in Russia to incorporate the existing proven technology with the new designs and features desired for an anticipated larger rollout of the technology in the United States, according to Propell.

The new tool, shrinking in size from 4.1 inches in diameter to 3.5 inches, is being designed to work on a single-wire, wire line truck. New designs and features will include above-ground telemetry modules, which can control all of the functions of the logic and control board, as well as monitor down-hole functions and performance. A new flexible, high-voltage power supply module will accept voltage ranging from 85 volts DC to 165 volts DC and convert it to the high voltage AC necessary to charge the capacitors. The power supply will operate with a cable loop resistance of up to 100 ohms using industry standard Rochester cable.

"We look forward to having the new tools made here in our backyard with all the additional bells and whistles," said John Huemoeller, Novas and Propell's president. "Based on the initial success we've seen with the existing technology, together with anticipated demand based on the number of inquiries we continue to receive within the oil industry, we hope to be placing a lot of orders for new tools when they're ready."

Novas Energy USA ( develops and implements next generatiw.novasenergy.comon enhanced oil recovery tools and processes for the U.S. oil services industry. The company's tools and processes are reported to significantly improve existing well recovery and production volumes.

This technical information has been contributed by
Novas Energy USA

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