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Correlated Magnetics Demonstrates Fully Customizable Magnetic Sensors for Consumer Products at CES

Magnetic Sensors

LAS VEGAS— Correlated Magnetics Research (CMR) recently announced that it demonstrated a novel approach to magnet sensor controls for consumer products at the 2015 International CES (consumer electronics show) held in Las Vegas. In combination with semiconductor manufacturer AKM Semiconductor, the developer of smart magnetic sensors, CMR highlighted the powerful combination of smart sensors with software-defined magnets that provide customization not possible with current technology.

Correlated Magnetics Research’s Polymagnet technology is said to remove the limits imposed by conventional magnetics through a unique software-defined magnet with a custom control pattern. With any magnet shape or magnetic pattern, magnetic sensing creates a sophisticated feel and increases the reliability of consumer electronics. The CMR Polymagnets can be tuned for the demands of the application and can precisely match the capabilities of AKM’s easy-to-integrate sensors, according to a release from CMR.

“The breakthrough we demonstrated at CES is the combination of AKM Semiconductor’s industry-leading magnetic sensors with Correlated Magnetics’ unique ability to engineer magnetic fields with unparalleled precision for sensing, plus the mechanical feel of the human interface,” said Chris Baltar, technical marketing manager of magnetic sensors at AKM Semiconductor. “The combination will enable both increased precision as well as new applications in the magnetic sensor market.”

An example of an application consists of a transmitter and receiver for a wireless remote switch and dimmer system. On the transmitter, the dimmer position is detected using AKM’s unique rotational Hall effect sensor that detects its position using a circular magnet magnetized with different concentric circles. The outer circle is composed of a precisely defined magnetic pattern that is sensed by the sensor, and the inner circles deliver a tuned mechanical feel of detents at precise rotational positions. The position of the dimmer is transmitted to a receiver, which down-converts the signal for a microprocessor. The entire solution will be packaged as a complete, easy-to-use application reference design from AKM Semiconductor.

“AKM Semiconductor has a long history of pioneering new technology, and we value the opportunity to pair our cutting-edge magnet technology with their smart sensor technology,” said Andy Keane, Correlated Magnetics ( CEO. “The powerful combination of an industry leading sensor company with CMR’s software-defined magnetization will drive innovation in sensors for consumer products.”

This technical information has been contributed by
Correlated Magnetics Research

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