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Custom and Stock Perforating

Perforating Metals and Plastics

H&K is the nation's leading producer of perforated materials. During more than a century of operation, it has assembled the largest die inventory in the industry and has been expanding into new markets with its ability to provide short-run, custom prototypes of perforated materials. For many short runs and custom production parts, there may be no need for tooling costs. H&K provides economy and versatility. H&K perforated products can be ordered in three convenient ways:

Run-To-Order standard sheets and coils are the best way to get the versatility of custom perforating without the expense of custom dies. H&Ks extensive line of tooling can perforate the customers choice of material, in a variety of gauges, with quick turnaround.

In-Stock Program offers immediate access to the largest inventory of perforated metals in the industry. By shopping at H&Ks web site catalog at, one can see the extensive supply of perforated items of all kinds and sizes available. With stocking warehouses from coast to coast, H&K can ship by 5PM when ordered by noon.

Custom Design holes in any shape, any size, any arrangement. H&Ks team of skilled engineers has won acclaim for innovations in custom design perforating. Custom dies can be produced to customers specifications. H&Ks high-tech perforating presses are computer-numerically-controlled machines that can handle sheets up to 18 feet in length; coils up to 20,000 lbs.; plain, or coated and pre-painted materials; in metals and non-metallics; from 0.0008 foil-thin to 1" thick plate. H&K presses can produce one perfect piece (or hundreds) faster, more accurately and economically than previously possible. H&K perforating conforms to Industrial Perforators Association standards and ASTM specifications. Theres virtually no limit to the designs H&K can perforate from standard rounds, squares and slotted holes, to patterns within patterns, decorative architectural grilles, and much more.

H&K can also provide secondary fabricating and finishing operations. These include: leveling, shearing, circle shearing, deburring, degreasing, forming, bending, blanking, rolling, anodizing, painting/powder coating, polishing, bar coding/labeling, custom packaging. All value-added services save the customer time and cost.

H&K Perforating Company has been providing the world with quality-perforated materials since 1883. As a result, thousands of customers depend on H&K to satisfy their needs in industries, such as, automotive, acoustics, architecture, interior design, displays, manufacturing, safety flooring, agriculture, pollution control, transportation, mining, electronics. H & K has a support design and engineering team to help you plan your one-of-a-kind prototype or sample, perforate it to precision, and follow through with delivery of production quantities as needed. With two manufacturing plants and six warehouses nationwide, H&K makes faster deliveries and total customer convenience and satisfaction possible.

This technical information has been contributed by
H & K Perforating Co.

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