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Perforated Materials Combine Function, Appearance And Economy

Perforating Metals and Plastics

The benefit in utilizing perforating services in metals and other goods is the virtual limitless selection of patterns in practically any material. Hole designs, material versatility, availability of products and services, as well as, competitive pricing, make perforating a more requested service than holes as produced by other processes.

For over 125 years, Harrington & King Perforating Companys perforated materials have been available for commercial or industrial products. These materials range in coil, sheet and plate, from foil-thin up to 1-inch thickness; in metals, such as, stainless steel and alloys, cold rolled and hot rolled steel (pre-coated, finished, or painted), aluminum, brass, bronze, and many others. Non-metallic products in plastics are also perforated in most designs.

Today, H&Ks modern, high-speed perforating presses turn out a multitude of parts, from up to 84-wide materials. Standard size sheets or coils are processed through precision dies made specifically for the pattern and according to open areas required in those materials. Processing equipment now permits computer-controlled presses, with up to 500 tonnage, to perforate to customers requirements.

Precision, high-speed perforating services will produce holes from .010 diameter to 4 diameter, and can hold tolerances of up to +/-.004, depending on pattern and material thickness. Patterns available in the industry vary from standard round and square holes, slots, diamonds, oblong holes to highly intricate and decorative designs. These designs can provide a controlled percentage of open area, as specified by the user-application.

For many years, perforated goods have been used as the equipment of choice to sort, size and filter various products. Currently, perforated materials may also be used to purify, absorb sound, diffuse light, guard or conceal. Technical markets for perforated products range from aerospace to zoo cages, from automotive to household appliances. Baking trays, office furniture, movie sets, architectural paneling, metal buildings, or DIY hardware are just a few examples of perforating capabilities.

As member of the Industrial Perforators Association, H&K belongs to a small, yet specialized, industry that produces high-quality perforated metals and plastics. With two manufacturing plants and six stocking warehouses conveniently located throughout the USA, H&Ks perforating services are readily available. Whether run-to-order, in-stock or custom perforating, Harrington & King Perforating Company offers a product that combines function, versatility, performance and price.

This technical information has been contributed by
H&K Perforating

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