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Prototype Equipment Development

At U.S. Dynamics Corporation (USD) our mechanical and electrical engineering staff has been providing innovative solutions for over 40 years. Teamed with craftsmen and precision machining capability we can support prototype development of electromechanical devices, automated equipment and other sophisticated systems for the medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, industrial, aerospace and defense industries.

U.S. Dynamics offers prototype development of highly precise and complex equipment and has a long history of fabricating, integrating and developing client proprietary product. USD works closely and partners with your organization to help find solutions and improve the manufacturability, the accuracy, the performance and the cost of your equipment. USD brings years of machine, equipment, system, device and tool building experience to your prototype project.

US Dynamics Provides Fabrication, Assembly, Full System Integration Services and Testing for Prototype Development of Precision Electromechanical Assemblies, Automated Production Tools, Manufacturing and Assembly Equipment as well as Custom Designed Systems.



Complex electromechanical assemblies and automated systems are accurately fabricated, assembled, integrated and tested by U.S. Dynamics Corporations' skilled and experienced engineers and technicians. USD pays close attention to details and develops a manufacturing process that will result in a flawless assembly that will perform as designed. USD will provide close tolerance machining of plates, housings and castings and perform precision wiring and integration per customer specifications.

From servo motors and controls to custom coil winding, tube bending, orbital welding and close tolerance machining, USD will be your one supplier to support all of your custom project build and test needs. Our engineering staff will be working with you every step of the way and will manage the entire project; including engineering drawing review and procurement of all components. Our facilities include clean rooms, large assembly areas - with portions under crane, an environmental test facility, CNC & manual machining centers and electronic assembly, repair and test benches.

This technical information has been contributed by
U.S. Dynamics Corporation

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