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Agile Software Designed to Accelerate Product Development Success

NEEDHAM, Mass.—PTC recently announced the launch of its PTC AgileWorx™ software, designed to help product engineering teams improve innovation and time-to-market.

Today’s smart, connected products are transforming how companies create and capture value, and the speed with which organizations respond to these opportunities will increasingly determine their ability to outperform in the marketplace. Companies who successfully deploy agile practices can accelerate their innovation by up to 80 percent, according to “An Operating Model for Company-Wide Agile Development” (McKinsey & Company, Comella-Dorda, Loyiya, and Speksnijder, May 2016).

Yet many organizations struggle to apply agile principles to the realm of product engineering. Product engineering teams must collaborate with diverse teams of specialists, safeguard product quality and safety, and manage product lines over decades. According to PTC, AgileWorx is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturers building complex and smart, connected products. It provides a central hub where engineering teams can visualize work in progress, prioritize activities, identify dependencies, and remove impediments.

“Agility is the optimized response to change,” said Roque Martin, senior vice president and general manager of PTC’s Application Lifecycle Management segment, in a press release. “How well manufacturers can adapt will determine their ability to win. We created PTC AgileWorx to give customers the competitive edge needed to accelerate their Agile engineering journey.”

“Agile practices have revolutionized enterprise IT,” said Michael Azoff, principle analyst for Ovum, in the release. “The challenge for engineering industries is to bring their engineers to speed with this transformation. With its flexible support for teams that need to bridge different Agile sprints, Ovum is impressed with PTC’s vision for agile in engineering, and AgileWorx is an excellent tool for multi-disciplined engineering teams.”

According to PTC, AgileWorx enables manufacturers to respond faster to feedback from customers and other market disruptors. It is said to help product development organizations unify the cross-discipline team by providing visibility into team activities and links to CAD, application lifecycle management (ALM), and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems of record for more informed decision-making. AgileWorx is also reported to help manufacturers organize for product variants as it supports component-based development and product line engineering to maximize reuse and reduce cost.

“PTC’s long-standing leadership providing ALM, PLM, and CAD solutions — now also extended to the IoT — makes it well suited to help clients chart their Agile engineering journey,” said Chris Rommel, executive vice president of IoT & embedded Technology at VDC Research, in the release.

PTC, PTC AgileWorx, and ThingWorx are trademarks or registered trademarks of PTC Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

This technical information has been contributed by

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