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Injection Molding Firm Sees Quick-turns, Customer Service Bringing Work Back to U.S.

Injection Molding

For many OEMs in this country, price becomes the paramount reason for going overseas, even though hidden costs make the products more expensive in the long term. But one American injection molding company, Mira Plastics, has been able to bring some of the work back with a heavy dose of excellent customer service, clear communication, and quick turnarounds on repeat orders.

The products in question--plastic containers measuring 12 inches long, 6 inches high, and 6 inches wide--are used for storing educational supplies. Formerly made in China, they are now processed on injection molding machines at Mira Plastics' 62,000-square-foot facility in Fredon Township, New Jersey.  "They've told me that they wish they could purchase all of their products from us, since we're a domestic supplier and because we provide them with instant and personable customer service," says Tina Miragliotta, the company treasurer and one of the family members that own the company.

Miragliotta's customer has often told her that lead-times, unclear communication, and minimalized customer service are problems with their overseas suppliers, but the OEM still gives work to the Chinese manufacturers. "The reason they are still sourcing so much of the work overseas is mostly because of price," states Miragliotta. "Many of these companies don't know about the hidden costs, so most of the time price is the overriding factor. If it was mainly based on the quick turnaround times and excellent customer service that we provide them, we would probably get more of their work."

The company's treasurer says that many OEMs come to them because of the company's quick turnarounds on repeat jobs. "This happened quite a bit last year," Miragliotta recalls. "These are actually quick-turn production products. It might take them a month to fulfill an order like this in China, even with the tooling available. We can get the job running in a few days, since the tooling already exists in-house for these jobs."

Mira Plastics ( has saved weeks on turnaround time for its educational container customer. "What they were facing was having back-ordered products for their customers, so they could potentially lose these orders," Miragliotta added. "We get this work to them within one week. So, if it takes one month overseas, we've saved them three weeks in production time."

This technical information has been contributed by
Mira Plastics

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