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Manufacturer of Racks and Enclosures Introduces New Shelving and Filler Panel Options


MAYVILLE, Wis.--Optima Stantron, a manufacturer of racks and enclosures for broadcast and professional audio/video applications, recently announced its introduction of an array of rack-mountable shelf options for its E-Rack and Presentation Racks. The new offering includes a range of sturdy clamp shelves and cantilevered shelves designed for broadcast and pro-A/V installations.

According to the company, its clamp shelves can be used to rack-mount products that were not originally designed to be rack-mounted. Two styles--one designed to support up to 25 lbs, and one that supports 50 lbs of weight--are available. Both versions have installation-friendly features, including adjustable top and bottom clamping hardware, low compression-set foam padding to ensure a secure grip, and pre-installed studs that eliminate fumbling with tiny hardware pieces. The sturdy cantilevered shelves are made from steel or aluminum material and are available in solid, vented, and mini-cantilevered design.

Optima Stantron's Aluminum and Steel Filler panels are also making their debut. The rack-mount panels are designed to block open spaces and provide a continuous and clean look to the front of the rack. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, they are compatible with Optima Stantron's E-Rack and Presentation Racks. Optima Stantronmanufactures both varieties of panels in solid, perforated, vertical slotted, or horizontal slotted styles, as well as solid flat designs. The aluminum filler panels are produced with a variety of finishes to complement existing equipment and rack configurations. Optima Stantron's steel filler panels are available in four standard colors.

We continue to respond to what broadcast integrators and engineers today require from a rack vendor," said Dan Eder, president of Stantron. "Providing functional products and a full range of accessories helps engineers in the design, integration, and post-installation phases of their project. By offering a complete rack solution with a variety of accessories up front, we're able to help reduce costs and time associated with the design and procurement process for the integrator. In this way we increase our value to our customers by ensuring that they get systems that fit together and work well for years to come."

The Stantron E-Rack, available in various heights and depths, responds to the needs of broadcast system integrators for greater rack space efficiency. Its versatile design is said to allow for ease in mounting ground bars, lacing cabling, and creating a professional installation. The Stantron E-Rack is a low footprint, 22-inch wide solution to accommodate high-density cabling and other integration challenges. It offers doors that open 180 degrees, cable chase access panels that remove without tools, and the ability to have "kink-less" cable runs. Stantron E-Racks offer a sturdy design and streamlined appearance with a durable powder coat finish and lifetime guarantee.

All Stantron E-Racks work with Stantron's line of accessories for power, lighting, and cooling. Stantron's PowerOptionsTM thin power strips and PowerMountTM systems work together to allow vertical power strips to rotate 180 degrees for ease of use.

Stantron is a division of Optima Stantron, a company that provides design, manufacture, and assembly of a wide range of standard and configurable racks, enclosures, frames, and accessories. The enclosures are sold throughout North America for use in data, telecommunications, broadcast, professional audio-visual, and security applications.

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This technical information has been contributed by
Optima Stantron

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